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  • I agree as well. It makes no sense to have only synchronized workspace names without the opened tabs.

  • @leocg said in Syncing workspaces tabs:


    It shows only current device tabs only and nothing else while there are other computers and cell phones under my user profile logged in. I could not make it work after multiple attempts over last several years. It appears that Opera tab sync is not going to work in the nearest future.

  • @lishes If you are logged in to sync, it will show opened tabs from other devices. if you are connected on them too, of course.

  • @leocg Yes, that is right, you can see a list of the open tabs of all synchronized computers, but these "synchronized" tabs are not imported in any workspace and I didn't found a method to do so manually. In that they are useless at all!
    Bookmarks and Settings have been imported correctly, but tab-synchronization seems to be a Beta-Feature, isn't it?

  • @2afish Opened tabs from other installations/devices are not automatically populated in the current one, that is how things were designed to work.

  • @leocg , OK if they weren't designed to open automatically among devices, but it would be great to have this option. At least, the "opera://activity" area should show opened tabs organized per workspace. I agree with @2afish about the usefulness of syncing tabs along with workspaces, so you can keep your whole browsing session seamlessly synced when switching from one device to another.

  • @dsilvestre You can always suggest such feature

  • Hello everybody,
    In Fact I had to use an alternate tricky option to sync my opened  tabs per workspace as you wish. So, how and why did I land on this topic? simply because I was searching like you all for a logical way to do this synchronizing without hassle!
    The solution is:Recently after opera added the pinboard feature you'll be able to share your tabs easily to anyone... So why don't use this feature locally with yourself and convert it from "Share" to "Export"!!How? go to the pinboard page and create a new pinboard and name it as you like.. for example name as "For Export" or name it as your workspace name exactly... then head to  your existing workspace and pinboard every single tab to the created one which is "For Export''.After you finish copy the link of the pinboard or sharing it with yourself via Messenger, email draft, Clipboard whatever and open it in your other device Opera browser... you find inside it all the grouped tabs that you want and then add them to the local workspace on that device!.
    I know it is a little bit long solution, especially when you have more than 10 tabs opened together! but at least it works 100% and

  • @leocg said in Syncing workspaces tabs:

    @Shekala You can type opera://activity in address bar to see opened tabs from other devices.


  • @sensory7 Oh

  • Just wondering if by now this feature is on somebody's to do list.