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  • @artexjay Maintaining a feature has a cost and if not enough people use it to justify that cost, then it should be reduced or eliminated.

  • When video popup is active there still should be sound indication at tab from which video popup was activated.

  • @andrew84: Regarding the mute button synchronization. This doesn't seem to work only on Youtube, right? As far as I know we are using video properties and Youtube doesn't seem to respond to changes to those properties, so without introducing some hacks to make it work it will probably stay this way.

  • I can not load the page because of insufficient memory.
    It works without problems in other browsers.
    And when I see this error message I can not use the shortcuts "1" and "2" for navigation anymore for cycling to another open page. I have to use the mouse and click on another tab.
    W10x64, Operax64

    I could not reload this page. So I decided to close Opera and relaunch it. After that I had the same error message on the Facebook tab. But I could reload that page. Now they are all visible.

  • @gmiazga: Yes, I tried it on YouTube.
    I also checked it in the old pop-out and there it works.

  • @macfly1987: Hopefully it will also work in the stable version

  • Again. I was two hours out of the house and Opera was minimized to the taskbar. I left it with the focus on the Facebook tab. When I returned and cycled to the tab, the page again showed the error message of insufficient memory. My computer is an Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz with 64 GB Ram and I did not have such a problem before.
    W10x64, Operax64

  • Video hasn't worked in Opera on Linux in what feels like 3+ months. Known issue? Is there a workaround? Things work find in Vivaldi.

  • Already 2020
    When you want to add a bookmark and click to select the folder appears two scrolls and you have to scroll to find the button is ready:
    You need to have more than ten sub folders to appear two scrolls.
    Please fix it.

  • Add support fot the Indian rupee currency symbol.

  • Use the same color for hovered buttons in Settings that is used in EasySetup menu.

    In Settings hovered buttons look gray for some reason

    And adjust VPN (location dropdown's width) and Downloads (dark theme) popups a bit.

  • Draging tabs is broken, fix it, I reported it for the previous build. Most of the time taking one tab and releasing it is different tab, wtf...

  • @beboss What OS? Seems normal here on Windows.

  • @leocg: well, the problem is on mac and windows. What I think I missed to say, it at home I am using dual monitors and now on my macbook pro I've connected a tv as a second screen. But the problem is there for sure, something is wrong and definitely if you drag a tab a little bit faster you will reproduce the issue.

  • @beboss If you drop the tab out of the tab bar, a new window will be opened. But I guess this is how it supposes to work.

  • @leocg if you drop the tab out of the tab bar and the tab is different than the one you want(selected/dragged out) to drop out, I guess this is not how it supposes to work.

  • How could you take away Instant Search feature? 😞 It was one of the best things that other browsers don't have.

  • @firuz-u7: I think the same will be in 2021.

  • @leocg if Opera is unable to maintain the feature to work then perhaps they shouldn't be making new products of the same thing for mobile and pc?
    Just a suggestion again this lies on Opera for bad management and making too many apps for them to maintain when they have trouble maintaining their main browser. Opera has 3 web browser on Mobile, all doing the same thing. 2 on PC doing the same thing again. A 3 terrible loaner apps among other things. Maybe Opera should scale back their apps you know? have 1 browser on mobile and PC instead of 3, eliminate the duplicate apps and loaner apps. This will give them more resources and more man power to keep features that they implement.

    At the moment Opera seems to me unsure in the direction it wants Opera to go in. It takes on step then a step back.

    And at the very least if a feature is fully fleshed out without many issues they can simply work around the feature without touching it.

  • @leocg: Bookmarks were removed with the demise of Presto Opera. Wasn't that because it was thought not enough were using them? I, for one, have never chosen to send feature usage information, and have been a user for over two decades.