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Opera 67.0.3574.0 developer update

  • Hi, at this website I get with every video I try to start an 500 error, but only with Opera DEV. Other browsers are working. Resetting all settings did not helped. -> select one video ->
    Opera 67.0.3574.0 developer & Opera 67.0.3564.0 developer
    Windows 10 Home build 19546.1000 x64

  • High CPU - Animated Tab Media icon still happening.

    Weeks ago read that it's related to W7.

    Is that true?
    Any confirmation?

    Thank you.

  • @mrx1980 The site seems to be blocking Opera. Enabling opera://flags/#chromium-ua-compatibility may help but also can bring issues.

  • Hi @mrx1980, looks to be bad UA string sniffing. You can use one of UA switching extensions, or enable opera:flags#chromium-ua-compatibility to avoid this issue.

    Alternatively, you can run the Opera with the following switch --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/80.0.3987.7 Safari/537.36" .

  • @zalex108 I don't remember a fix for it have beem released.

  • @leocg said in Opera 67.0.3574.0 developer update:

    @zalex108 I don't remember a fix for it have beem released.

    me neither.

    But if it's W7 related, then I don't expect any fix.

    Hopefully I'm wrong.

  • Why Opera don't have support for web panels yet? Such a simple feature that will give us the possibility to remove lots of extensions and have a more stable browser. Vivaldi has this feature for so long and it's perfect.

  • @leocg: Oh, I just found out I was logged out. I think this was a mistake in one of the older versions and I did not log in again.
    And the position of the opened tabs is really hard to find, because there are no visible "tabs" in my mobile Android phone. I didn't know that.

  • Some issues with bookmarks bar folders dropdowns.

    • Expanded dropdown still overlaps the whole toolbar (if there are enough bookmarks in the list)
    • In bookmarks bar folders the subfolders do not have the scrolling (if there are enough bookmarks in the list). There are no up/down arrows visible at the bottom/top and the bookmarks list is just trimmed.
  • @nom4d3br If I understood the feature correctly, it's someting crated by Opera about 10, 15 years ago and that was part of Opera Presto.

    I guess Opera had its reasons to not bring it back. But, yes, it could be interesting to have.

  • @l33t4opera & @leocg: Thank you for your replies. Enabling opera://flags/#chromium-ua-compatibility is working, so I will contact the website admin in the next days.

  • Feedback: Great work team opera!
    I really liked the duplicate tab highlighting feature. It would be better if some other shade(light pink or blue) was used to highlight, so that duplicate tabs really stands out.

    Bug report: minimize, maximize & close button/icon missing from top bar.
    Screenshot at 2020-01-20 23-42-48.png Screenshot at 2020-01-20 23-42-48.png

  • is still not available. Google Chrome with Chromium 81.x can open the page. User agent switcher does not help. I think it's a problem of Chromium 80.x. I hope Opera can update Chromium soon or fix this problem in another way.
    W10x64, Operax64

  • @intek13x: Thank you for your feedback! 🙂

  • @jojo0587: Thanks for your suggestion 🙂

  • @ralf-brinkmann Hi Ralf, try to run the Opera with the switch "--ssl-version-max=tls1.2" ;-)

  • @l33t4opera
    Oh man! One day the list of all necessary switches will be longer than Trump's tweets per day. It works that way.

  • Some mess with the toolbar's battery icon and its state.

    • Gray square while icon is clicked (it seems that switching current theme resolves the issue)
    • depending on currently enabled theme the clicked icon looks visually disabled while the feature itself is enabled, and vice versa.
  • Suggestions regarding the new sliding settings panel for the sidebar.

    • 'Show sidebar' toggle must be always visible after opening the panel. Currently it needs scrolling first. *Some quick toolbar button (optiona0)l for showing/hiding the sidebar is still would be very much welcome(like it works in Vivaldi).
    • move 'Notifications' toggle into Messengers section.
    • add gear icon 'view in Settings' to see the sidebar settings directly.
    • duplicate 'Show in panel/Show full page' toggles for History/Bookmarks in internal Settings page too.
    • items in 'Opera tools' section could be clickable instead of using the appearing icon (square
      with arrow)
      In overall, I like that the 3 dots menu doesn't simply clone the right click context menu anymore. Especially I like that you added option whether to view History/Bookmarks in full page or in panel.
      One thing I found a bit strange is that panel offers more advanced settings than internal Settings page. I'm used to think the opposite, when quickly accessible settings allow to change only basic features.
  • The Highlight duplicate tabs on hover feature needs a toggle button in Settings.