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Opera 66 initial release makes it easier to reopen closed tabs and to access extensions

  • @kened said in Opera 66 initial release makes it easier to reopen closed tabs and to access extensions:

    @andrew84 Disabling these two flags makes pop-out works normally: Opera Instantâneo_2020-01-08_214510_flags.png

    why both flags need to be done ?..

  • ive tried every version of opera and still no video pop out for any twitter videos, ive tried all the extentions too ,for video popup/picture in picture nothing works ,,,video popup works on nearly every site but NOT on twitter why is this?? is there a way to get video to pop out in twitter????

  • I use opera at my work computer. my company uses its own certificates. with developer v66 it started not to connect to any sites, then I moved on to previous stable versions and there were no problem.

    now with stable channel updated to v66 and now I can not connect to any sites even on stable channel, neither.

    what did you change about certificates, or security? what can I do to solve this?

  • @leocg Oh, thanks. The problem was the Google Translate extension. 👍

  • @nvmjustagirl how can I access to that menu?

  • so on youtube it still eat 70-99% cpu and ~100% gpu
    (it begin in Opera 65 and still not fixed)

  • @federr7 the PIP has been fixed in the latest Develper..

  • Hold up, what befell the overlay scrollbars? After the update, they look "typical" (default windows scrollbars). This isn't OK, there is no compelling reason to have scrollbars constantly unmistakable, we have mouse wheels for looking over. Additionally, the default ones look too appalling.

    Could you in any event empower scrollbar from show://settings for everything? It's a little scrollbar, sort of "imperceptible", would be a decent trade off. 🤞🏼

  • This version is basically unusable for me. so much has disappeared from the previous versions, the popout videos are SOOOOO buggy:

    • There are no controls anymore on the popout window
    • You can't scale up the window anymore, you are limited to a very tiny window.... what's even the point????
    • When you close the window it pauses the video... Wth?
    • They don't save their position and size, so each time you have to move it (not even talking about resizing as you can't do that anymore)

    You can bring back the old ones with flags, but I sure hope you won't limit the new ones and bring back all those essential features.

  • @melosaderros I'm glad I'm not the only one who want those overlay scroll bars back. I'm so disappointed, the browser looks so dated now 😞

  • Hi @melosaderros, @killahbabe, please follow the below steps:
    - Enable opera:flags#temporary-unexpire-flags-m76, restart the Opera,
    - Enable opera:flags#overlay-scrollbars, restart again, and see if that works in your case.

    Alternatively, you can run the Opera with the following switch --enable-features=OverlayScrollbar, and check if it works for you.

  • @l33t4opera Thank you. The first option doesn't work for me. Running it with the switch kinda works, the overlay scrollbar is "blinking" while scrolling and sometimes it will disappear completely. I really hope they can create a more stable and permanent solution. Using the scrollbar from the settings page would be absolutely perfect.

  • @killahbabe You're welcome ;-)
    Regarding "blinking", try to run the Opera with 2 features but disabled: --enable-features=OverlayScrollbar --disable-features=OverlayScrollbarFlashAfterAnyScrollUpdate,OverlayScrollbarFlashWhenMouseEnter . Most probably this will fix the issue.

    Alternatively, enable opera:flags#temporary-unexpire-flags-m76 , restart Opera, then disable 2 flags: opera:flags#overlay-scrollbars-flash-after-scroll-update and opera:flags#overlay-scrollbars-flash-when-mouse-enter, and restart again. Though probably disabling it through flags may not work for you, as you said enabling the 1st flag didn't work. Anyway, it's worth to try, to avoid having too much switches in the shortcut.

  • @regnareb: Amen. Please for the love of god Fix this! I tried the beta, which fixes scaling, but still, it doesnt remember it's last position anymore, and still no controls! This is awful! How Can I get a Legacy version? Devs need to stop ignoring everyones post about this.

  • Hello, please could you add a minimum function that would make the use of the friendlier interface, which I will explain below:

    • When you click on the background of the Quick Access screen, let it focus on the search box, since many times one unintentionally clicks on the Quick Access wallpaper and exits focus, and the user ( I) begins to write and then realizes that I did not write anything in the search, that would improve the experience of use. Thank you!