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Opera 66 initial release makes it easier to reopen closed tabs and to access extensions

  • Why new video pop out disable a video in tab and show it only in pop out small window?! It's not comfortable in multi display/workspaces mode, please return back this possibility!

  • @elspivo Just say nothing at all if you have nothing worth saying. OK? Chat and junk has it's place but not on this forum. Tray Facebook, Instagram or whatever instead please.

  • Unfortunately, the most annoying “feature” of all is that you "don’t seem to care" about user preferences. Keep adding things without any option for disabling them.

    • The bookmarks side panel is useless to me since I prefer using the bookmarks bar.
    • As for history, having to scroll so many times it’s much more worse. The history page (thank god) has the option to choose directly (Today-Yesterday-Older) avoiding all that scrolling. Can you at least put something similar in the side panel? Otherwise it’s useless too.

    I’ve also noticed that the page up-down buttons don’t work on history side panel like on bookmarks. Can anyone confirm?

  • One last thing. History side panel has the option to open history page by clicking on the clock icon, while on bookmarks panel does nothing.

  • Today Twitter suddenly has been broken in incognito mode even if I add it into both Opera adblocker whitelists (for ads and trackers). Page is loading, but then I get white page without anything. Please investigate it. Last Opera 66 x64, Win 8.1.

  • @twilightssuperb, but when I just closed all private windows, opened it again, cookies were deleted, so Twitter loaded OK... I don't know why.

  • @hugh-allen: F**k off guy, ok? I asked a question that bothered me, and got the answer from moderator, and helpful user, Everything was fine and you show up, and have problem with me. Maybe your problem with "middle wheel" function is so important?

    "I asked a serious question and I get stupid and unhelpful remark" - what question? What remark? From me?!

    You go away, and stop posting me! You are a only person that making junk.

  • @hugh-allen @elspivo Cool down both of you.

  • @caraboy2001 Can you try the directions in

  • This bug is still there....

    1. Have 10+ tabs open
    2. Move mouse below "equal-sign-caret-down" right top corner "recent tabs" menu
    3. try to change between two most recent tabs with CTRL + TAB
      => won't happen, since when hitting CTRL + TAB, first this "recent tabs" menu opens quickly, and notices now that mouse pointer is over some entry....
      => Thus instead of switching between tabs, CTRL + TAB switches between random tabs, depending of mouse pointer location.

    Well, I'm not holding my breath that this bug would ever get fixed, since "touchpad scroll + CTRL + TAB" bug triggering random zooming, is even older bug and still not fixed.

  • Again, the Stable version is released with a known visual bug that was fixed in Dev long ago.
    Trimmed the page info popup.

    I think that the issue described on forum also refers here

  • @andrew84 Looks fine here.

    alt text

    WIN10-64. Opera 66.0.3515.27 Norwegian.

  • @vegelund hover the 'site settings' by cursor, there should be a little free space at the bottom. Check it in Dev 2020-01-14_133231.png
    I guess that screenshot on forum has a worse look because probably the user uses the other scaling in Windows (the hint's text on his screenshot consumes 5 rows instead of 3) and the issue looks uglier.

    • Also I'm not sure that these free spaces on both left and right sides are correct.
      That popup looked like this all the time(screenshot is from O58):
  • @andrew84 🙂 That level of nitpicking would be frustrating to move through life with.
    I just want basic functionality and design to work. Hakuna matata.

  • @vegelund: I pointed to that tiny free space just to demonstrate that something is wrong with the popup, and not for nitpicking. And on each individual system the visual issue can be different (taking into account that the issue is fixed already but was not applied to Stable).
    As you can see the user on forum has much worse result on his own PC (Site settings is invisible and gear icon is out of border).

  • @andrew84 No worries, bugs do vary depending on system/screen settings.

    I’m still missing the line divider under address bar (probably related to Windows 10 scaling).

    alt text

  • @vegelund: Yea, really. This release has serious regressions and people are complaining about miss-aligned things by .01 inch.

  • I was hoping that you would RETURN the drop-down menu from the address bar with the buttons: 'Copy', 'Paste', 'Save as PDF', 'Snapshot', 'Add to the Express Panel', but alas, you did not return it ...
    Why did you remove it altogether ??? It was very convenient, especially I need the 'Copy' button. Why do you always only break and worsen? First, we redrawed all the icons after version 44, then Opera began to close for 2 minutes, then it began to heavily load the processor and RAM as an average game, then they removed the drop-down menu from the address bar after version 64. What do you remove next, what is really needed? Return this drop-down menu already, without it as without hands !!!
    alt text

  • @caraboy2001 said in Opera 66 initial release makes it easier to reopen closed tabs and to access extensions:

    I have the same issue, I used ctrl + shift + s to open V7 bookmarks.

    Could you be more specific? Before this update, did you have ctrl + shift + s set for "show extension sidebar" (to show the extension sidebar that V7 is on)? Or, did you have ctrl + shift + s set for the V7 Bookmarks extension itself (that'd show the extensions sidebar and select the V7 bookmarks extension)? For the latter, the extension itself defaults to alt + b.

  • Now I cannot use media keys on keyboard to Play/Pause video or music.
    Why did you create obstacles for rollback with package manager?
    Debian archive has only the latest version, previous are available from blog posts.