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Can I use Opera to block a website?

  • Is there a way I can use Opera to block a link?

    My ISP is the lowest rated in the U.S. Every time I search for a list of the worst rated ISPs mine is at the bottom. Anyway, if a link is broken my ISP reroutes the link to their website as a way to be "helpful". They even have the option to turn this feature off, which does not work.

    Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks.

  • As long as you use their DNS the browser can't block it.

  • On Windows if I go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and enter the following it will block the website:

    I am currently having trouble getting this to work with https websites. I my situation the above works just fine.

  • That only works if they redirect you to a real website. If you mistakenly type (instead of and get their error site but the address bar says (and not their site name) then changing the DNS is the only answer.

    Google has their own DNS, or there is OpenDNS, though OpenDNS at least has the same feature as his ISP - except that last I checked you really could disable it.

  • I'm not sure that I am fully understanding everything you are saying, but it appears that my isp is redirecting me to a specific website and I get redirected to it every time I try to go to an invalid website. The domain name in the address bar does change.

    Regardless, editing the hosts file to disable my isp's redirect to a helpful website is working as it should for me. After I learn more about how it works, I hope to add my own block list 🙂

  • @james438 Nope, you can't use Opera to block a site.
    Maybe there is an extension for it, but Opera doesn't have such feature.

  • I suggest you to use Ad Block or Adblock Plus to create white and black list. So you can easily block a list of websites at once.