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Opera 66 beta

  • @andrew84 You know what Easter Egg means, right?

  • @leocg: Yes, but how does Easter egg refer to Valentine's day? It seems that I didn't know that it means some hidden object for some time (in media).

  • @andrew84: I completely agree.

  • @andrew84: In addition, I had a case when moderators published false comments, and I wanted to refute this. But they did not want to listen to me and deleted my messages.
    After which I have a negative attitude towards them.

  • @thortik According to the forum rules, comments about moderation are off-topic and should be dealt with via private messages.

  • @sgunhouse: Okay 👍

  • video pop-up freeze problem again...

  • @blt88 said in Opera 66 beta:

    video pop-up freeze problem again...

    Yes, this feature is broken.

  • This Site Tab change is the worst change in History after Opera 12 ..

    My V7 Bookmarks Extension now has a fixed Max size left and it locks wehn i try to make it smaller to the left border.... Guys what have you done ?

    When i pin the V7 Bookmark extension it takes a huge part of the left window... and i cant make it smaller like i could before this terrible v66

    How bad can changes be ?

    Why have you done that and who in your developer team is responsible that i have to move to Vivaldi now ?

    Now Opera becomes worse instead of better Angelina.....

    Its not useable anymore ...

  • Sorry. Totally unusable for me. I updated it to 66 and after update, all my pages looks awful. For example:
    But it's something worse. Who the hell deleted option to disable automatical update?! I was forced to restore version 65. After this restoration (and repair) some of the pages won't load (Facebook for example, but also this: Opera loads it endlessly, and the only option is to turn off Opera and then start it again. But this helped only for one time. I had more times to turn off Opera and start it again. Luckily for me, next day was all correct. Magic!
    And I thought my problems were over. I prevent Opera to autoupdate by setiing environment variable. But on Saturday's evening, after I started Opera I saw identical page look like after update to 66! After I checked it, I saw, Opera updated to 66!!! And now I have problems with this endlessly load on some pages. Facebook works ok, but APMMUSIC not., I ask you: who the hell is responsible for this <CENS> autoupdate option?! And what I have to do now, to restore correct setting my Opera WITHOUT completely wipe it out from my Computer and reinstall?!