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Opera 66 beta

  • @yanta You expressed your opinion, I expressed mine. I write what I really am. Not correct - this is when from release to release there are the same errors that already stretch more than one version.

  • @andrew84 said in Opera 66 beta:

    @yanta: But the things worse now than previously and this is a fact.

    I'm bothered by the style of criticism, less by its content. I also think that, on the user side, you and @temkem are the driving forces behind the further development of Opera with your intensive work with each new version, because you discover things at a rapid speed that I wouldn't notice even four weeks later. But I find the kind of statements inappropriate and the constant repetition of the same thing tiresome.

    @yanta: Do you see much feedback from developers here in the blog or on forum recently? I don't, taking into account that it was promised to improve the feedback after the 'new' commenting mechanism implementation.

    My opinion is that a more active participation of developers in the forum, at least in the form of a short confirmation that reported bugs are confirmed or investigated, would benefit everyone, both users and developers. The "Opera for mobile" forum shows that this is possible and how useful it would be. I am convinced, however, that there are other reasons for the current lack of commitment than those assumed. For example, too few employees, no clear rules on responsibility, the fear of getting lost in pointless discussions etc.

    @yanta: So, they show the disrespectful attitude towards the users and they have the same attitude from users too.

    So you confirm my assessment that temkem's style is disrespectful to the developers? That's exactly what my post was about. Thank you for that.

    In fact, it is so, and you confirm it, that some users behave disrespectfully, which disturbs me. On the developer side I do not observe this disrespect. I don't judge people as disrespectful just because their complex software has bugs not being fixed within a certain time range and they only participate sporadically in discussions.

  • @yanta said in Opera 66 beta:

    you confirm my assessment that temkem's style is disrespectful to the developers?

    I don't know what you call disrespectful. For me disrespectful are offensive comments and I'm strongly against such comments. You provided 2 examples, but your 1s example (respectful) sounds like something obvious and I think there's no need to explain obvious things to developers. They do know how the things should work to avoid criticism but continue to work like previously (because this is not the first time when changelog is broken and there are mistakes in the announcements). And if they don't pay much attention, then can appear more 'disrespectful' comments, with a piece of sarcasm often.
    Just a simple example from this thread, look at @firuz-u7 comment about the double scrollbar. If I don't mistake, he posts the same issue during ~1 year already (and the bug itself is more than 1 year old). Do you think his comment is disrespectful? For me it looks like a simple (neautral) comment, maybe first comments were more respectable (with beginnings 'Dear developers', 'please take a look', 'you do great job' and etc). But after the year of ignoring from developers it's just ridiculous to write such respectful comments. I also think taht all these unnecessary words are harmful, it's better to post short/clear comments that describe particular issue (with screenshot).

  • @temkem, @andrew84,

    unfortunately, I get from this stereotypes 'This is not fixed, that is not fixed, the developers must be incapable or uninterested' etc, each time a new version is released, stomach pain. But I realize, you will continue in that same fashion. It's up to me to draw the consequences.

  • DNA-82625 Implement Valentine’s day easter egg
    Getting ready for Valentine’s day so soon.

  • @bushido12: What does it mean, a portion of ads on start page? And why egg ) Egg with a picture of heart or what..

  • @andrew84 You know what Easter Egg means, right?

  • @leocg: Yes, but how does Easter egg refer to Valentine's day? It seems that I didn't know that it means some hidden object for some time (in media).

  • @andrew84: I completely agree.

  • @andrew84: In addition, I had a case when moderators published false comments, and I wanted to refute this. But they did not want to listen to me and deleted my messages.
    After which I have a negative attitude towards them.

  • @thortik According to the forum rules, comments about moderation are off-topic and should be dealt with via private messages.

  • @sgunhouse: Okay 👍

  • video pop-up freeze problem again...

  • @blt88 said in Opera 66 beta:

    video pop-up freeze problem again...

    Yes, this feature is broken.

  • This Site Tab change is the worst change in History after Opera 12 ..

    My V7 Bookmarks Extension now has a fixed Max size left and it locks wehn i try to make it smaller to the left border.... Guys what have you done ?

    When i pin the V7 Bookmark extension it takes a huge part of the left window... and i cant make it smaller like i could before this terrible v66

    How bad can changes be ?

    Why have you done that and who in your developer team is responsible that i have to move to Vivaldi now ?

    Now Opera becomes worse instead of better Angelina.....

    Its not useable anymore ...

  • Sorry. Totally unusable for me. I updated it to 66 and after update, all my pages looks awful. For example:
    But it's something worse. Who the hell deleted option to disable automatical update?! I was forced to restore version 65. After this restoration (and repair) some of the pages won't load (Facebook for example, but also this: Opera loads it endlessly, and the only option is to turn off Opera and then start it again. But this helped only for one time. I had more times to turn off Opera and start it again. Luckily for me, next day was all correct. Magic!
    And I thought my problems were over. I prevent Opera to autoupdate by setiing environment variable. But on Saturday's evening, after I started Opera I saw identical page look like after update to 66! After I checked it, I saw, Opera updated to 66!!! And now I have problems with this endlessly load on some pages. Facebook works ok, but APMMUSIC not., I ask you: who the hell is responsible for this <CENS> autoupdate option?! And what I have to do now, to restore correct setting my Opera WITHOUT completely wipe it out from my Computer and reinstall?!