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Browser/Website Pop-Out (Similar to Video Pop-Out)

  • I thought it would be a cool and neat little feature if you were able to pop-out browsers to float on your screen just like how you are able to pop out videos.

    I feel like this would change the entire game when it comes to differences between all the browsers that are provided today, this simple feature would make daily tasks sooo much more easier and efficient.

    For instance, while working on typing out reports/essays ,programming/coding, and just in general school work, I tend to have a browser (or more) open to reference things. With current browsers there are three main ways of working on something while having a browser open for reference:

    1. Splitting up your screen so half of it has a browser and the other the application (word, text editor, etc). This method is a bit annoying because it makes all the contents smaller in both browser and application, plus, some applications do not shrink all that efficiently. Furthermore, you don't always need the entire browser when referencing and only just need a little piece of it.
    2. Keep application open and minimize/maximize browser only when you need to reference it. Problem with this, is its very tedious and annoying to re-open the browser to reference things. On top of that, it is much better to have browser open the entire time to reference instead of constantly re-maximizing when you need it. I know you can always have the browser on top of the application, but clicking onto the application hides the browser (so you'll still need to re-maximize it)
    3. Get a second monitor for the browser. In my opinion this is the most efficient way when working on something where you need to constantly reference a browser/website. However, the only problem with this is portability. You aren't always going to be working at home, and you aren't going to bring a monitor everywhere you go (school, office, library, train, bus, plane, etc).

    Unlike the current video pop-out which only allows for one video pop-out at a time, i'd assume that for a browser pop-out it can be more than one at a time. However, even if it is just one browser pop-out at a time, it would still be such a great feature.

    I've been saying "Browser" pop-out in this entire post, but maybe I should have said "website" pop-out instead. As cool as it would be to have a browser pop-out where you can actively search the browser, it would probably be bit difficult to implement and run efficiently. I really just meant a website pop-out where it floats the website/pdf the browser is currently on.

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