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How to turn off auto update

  • I am really p****ed off today .....I was trying hard not to use up what data I had left for the month...3 days to go...and then along comes Opera and downloads an update....there goes my data allowance and cost me another $10 for 1 Gb which is charged automatically.
    So my Question is how to stop Opera automatically downloading these updates except when I choose.

  • @sandyg

    The solution often mentioned is to simply rename the "opera_autoupdate.exe". However, this file is created anew with each update and thus would have to be renamed each time anew.

    I therefore think the following solution makes more sense:

    • Run the installer with --launchopera=0
    • Start Opera with --disable-update


    With the billing method you mention, I would have assumed that your question relates to Opera for mobile (Android, iOS), but you posted in the Windows forum, and my solution relates to Windows.

  • Hi Yanta,
    No my billing method is for Internet on my computer not Mobile windows method is what I'm looking for.
    So with the method you mention how do I do this. [not very tech savvy] do I have to uninstall the browser and reinstall or is there a way to do it whilst it is already installed....i.e in the menu somewhere...I have had a look and can't find anything.
    Thank you for your reply.

  • @sandyg

    Prevent automatic updates of an already installed version

    • Create for Opera a desktop shortcut e.g. from the Windows Start Menu.
    • Right-click on this shortcut, switch to the "Shortcut" tab.
    • Add " --disable-update" (including the space character) to the existing entry in the "Target" field.

    From now on use this shortcut to start Opera to avoid automatic updates.

    Prevent an automatic update immediately after installation

    If a new Opera version is available, download its offline installer. Since the installer would open Opera automatically at the end of the installation, which could also trigger untimely updates,

    • create a shortcut to the installer, and
    • add " --launchopera=0" (including the space character) to the "Target" field.

    Start the installation by double-clicking on this shortcut, not on the installer.

    Please keep in mind that Opera will not be updated automatically this way anymore, which is a security risk sooner or later, unless you take care of the updates yourself.

  • @yanta thanks but I just don't follow this, I don't get an option to switch to the shortcut tab when I right click, and don't know where to type "--disable-update" what is "Target field" ?
    I think I will have to forget about this as it's too technical for me.
    Thank you for trying to help me.

  • @sandyg


    right click > click properties

    at the end of launcher.exe" tap space bar then --disable-update

    to make a short cut to installer

    go to wherever the installer file is - right click it - then in contex menu - click the Send to Desktop (create shortcut

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