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  • @kened said:

    I'm waiting for Opera R4. I hope it looks like Opera Neon.

    Dear good, NO! If the "regular" Opera will look like Opera Neon, then I will probably have to change the browser! Opera Neon is just ugly and not practical! A vertical strip with large round cards - ugliness and impracticality! Bookmarks thrown into one "bag" with no possibility of sorting - impractical! Only single functionalities could get from Opera Neon to Opera:

    • displaying two pages at once in one browser window
    • retractable side bar with information about the video being played back with the option of quickly enabling pop-up from the video.
      I would love to see the first function in Opera. The second would be useful to me on average.
  • @hectormaciasa1979 said:

    @jojo0587: I never did.

    I yes, very yes!

  • Opera Stable Browser does not work on Mac OS 10.15 because it keep quitting unexpectedly. It need upgrade or update.

  • Oh, a new commenting. Disqus is gone. Farewell!

    Somehow I managed to switch to 32-Bit with Opera 62 and 63
    Now back to 64-Bit. Thanks for the update 🙂

  • opera adblock can't handle the website. When you try to enter the link it shows "disable the software blocking the ads".

  • Hi!
    Coud you please please bring back the 3 finger swipe gesture on macOS (Mojave) to navigate back and forward? It not working since a couple of releases.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Finally something new!

  • Still haven’t fixed the New tab (+) button, I see…

    It’s been broken since v63. When the window is maximised and the ‘Disable tab bar's top spacing when browser window is maximised’ setting is on the button should be clickable when the mouse is at the top of the screen. Now the button is 1 px short. This was reported previously and your team said it will be fixed.

  • A constant problem of the 64th Beta version of "Default thumbnails in Speed Dial change colors" now and in Stable version. I have this bug almost every time I run Opera 64.

  • The browser is slower than before, especially when I open a new tab. Besides the speed dials are changing colors it is annoying (this bug is almost 1 year old).

  • @johnd78: Same here, on windows 10 and mac os mojave. It's an ancient bug, try to restart browser for a few times (for me, after 10-20 tries, works as expected).

  • I receive random lagspikes when... well, every now and then when doing basic stuff, for example: when opening YouTube video and scrolling, or when opening new tab or closing old one... it's freezing cursor in place. It seems like GPU processing related but I'm not sure. No issues on Chrome or Vivaldi so it must be Opera related.

    I noticed some errors in dmesg:

    traps: opera[28350] trap invalid opcode ip:558ba5db66bd sp:7ffe5fc51760 error:0 in opera[558ba333f000+6343000]

    also some other data in logs:

    ERROR: apport (pid 28687) Tue Oct  8 19:20:56 2019: executable: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera/opera (command line "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera/opera\ --type=renderer\ --field-trial-handle=11835000237524188079,3309384016044030391,131072\ --disable-features=SharedArrayBuffer\ --lang=en-US\ --enable-auto-reload\ --ab_tests=DNA-70598-ref:DNA-70598\ --num-raster-threads=4\ --enable-main-frame-before-activation\ --service-request-channel-token=10174150109811527058\ --renderer-client-id=170\ --no-v8-untrusted-code-mitigations\ --shared-files=v8_context_snapshot_data:100,v8_natives_data:101")

    so I reverted back to latest 63 and problems are gone... so the post title is quite wrong 😛
    Linux 5.0.0-31-generic #33~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 1 10:20:39 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux with latest Nvidia drivers.

  • since last update, and here again. When i create a bookmark, it automatically shows the bookmark bar on top. every time. i dont have it activated, and i dont want it.

  • Messenger icon in sidebar is still old.

  • Why isn't Print included in the drop down menu?

  • @genegold Which one?

  • @leocg O/Menu -- One has to know to look under Page, which is not particularly intuitive because it's not necessarily correct, i.e., if one wants to print a multi-page document.

    It would also become a lot more user friendly if the Print screen showed the entire menu by default, including More Options. Why is this important? First, for ease of use. Second, since the settings there stick until changed, it would help avoid unintentioned choices in subsequent sessions and the need to have to reset the More Options section after every print job that uses it. Showing the entire screen wouldn't take away from anything.

    Opera has since its early days treated its Print module as a third class citizen, which is unfortunate for those of us who need to print fairly frequently. The change to the current version helped bring it into the 2000's, but the design still leaves a lot to be desired in basic interface functionality.

  • @genegold But you are printing the (web)page, so I think it makes sense that print is under the page menu.

    And you can always right click on the page to print it.

  • option's text looks too small/not clear in the Print dialog and it's hard to read.

  • @leocg Opera is the only major browser, except possibly Chrome (which I don't have) that doesn't include Print at the first level of its drop down. I don't believe it has anything to do with the logic of under which category Print could fit. As a long time Opera user, going on 15 years, it's only reasonable to conclude that it's not there because Opera mgt or developers don't think it very important. That's just as during the time before the current version of Print, including Presta, when Opera didn't include print scaling by preview, although it's essential to printing on the web and was included in the other major browsers from early on. I had to switch browsers most every time I wanted to print. Behavior over time speaks for itself.

    But putting the past aside, the Print module could be vastly improved by...

    • showing everything by default (or allowing that as a user choice)
    • resetting to the user default at least between sessions
    • making the text larger
    • making Pages two choices at the top level, i.e., All/empty field for page numbers, instead of requiring use of a drop-down; doing that would make it easier to use and help avoid easy-to-make mistakes
    • having less empty space overall