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  • Another bug:

    I use the shortcuts "1" and "2" for cycling through my tabs.
    On I can not use them, nothing happens.

    I went back to the previous version 65.0.3454.0: No problem!
    The same with cloudflare and the test page: With 3454 no problem.

  • Ordered by Priority (I will keep posting this till each and every one of these are fixed)

    1. Bug two finger scroll randomly stops working in Opera seems mainly in Opera's settings page.
    2. Remove restrictions on default search engines.
    3. Fix your goddamn quick access pane!
    4. Make instant search use user's default search engine. Google sucks.
    5. Unify Sidebar with the defunct sidepanel and actually give it a dedicated purpose. No double icons for download, and settings. Be Consistent by consistent i mean put easy setup there as well.
    6. Enhance your pop-out video, it's lacking compared to Yandex
    7. Actually try to finalize your terrible Reborn UI. This is going so slow you make MS with Windows 10's inconsistency look good!
    8. Enhance your adblocker to block better, there are a few sites where ads come through, while with other adblockers with exact same filters they don't
  • @andrew84: Unless they do something like what Vivaldi has done or return to Disqus there is no point in having this system for the blog.

  • @artexjay I guess the idea is to integrate the blogs and the forums.

  • @leocg Then do so completely, this is half-assed implementation... Not surprising since it's an Opera thing. They should take a note from Vivaldi's forums, it's clean, it's organized blogs are part of the forum and easy to use unlike Opera's forums where it's different everywhere, inconsistent and blogs are separate from the forums which doesn't work in this case. On top of that Vivaldi forums and Opera forums both uses similar forums service it seems. Except Vivaldi actually did it right.

  • @artexjay This is not how things are done nowadays. You don't simply make a huge change and implement it at once; You do it one step at a time, so you can follow the reactions, fix the issues and adapt the (future) changes.

    Also, what have worked for one may not work for the other. So, what Vivaldi has done and how it was done not necessarily would work for Opera.

  • @leocg Well Reborn UI is evident of that give the mixed reactions mostly negative and the fact that Opera can't seem to get it to work completely yet but i digress.

    Although it's true everything is done step by step, at least finish rework of the feature before you bring in another change. And this step by step affects services the most which explains Windows subscription model and step by step implementation, however programs like browser, office, chatting programs, etc don't exactly go step by step and if they do they finalize the feature especially if it's a big one. Opera on the other hand is not a service, and practically all of it's features are half done in comparison to any browser who share similar features.

  • Reading this blog is confusing as hell.. I'm out of here.

  • At the last developer edition i tried hbgo video playback I was not able to play Hbogo videos on Windows 7 Pro. The player window flashed for a moment with the moving circle and then disappeared.

  • I'm starting to get tired with Opera. Severe usability bugs won't get fixed in timely manner at all.

  • This post is deleted!
  • New update - Opera developer 65.0.3466.0 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.