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  • @artexjay said:

    This comment system is horrendous. Disqus was at least an omnipresent/everywhere type of commenting system where i could partake in discussions straight from the Disqus app on Windows.

    This is a step backwards. There is no uniformity, there is no tree view on the actual blog and seemingly no upvotes/downvotes capabilities unless I go to the forums. Forcing users yet again Opera?

    This switch in my estimation was a very very unintelligent move... yet again same people made Opera into the UI freakfest it is now so not very surprising.

    In addition to that there is no way from what i can see to edit a post again unless i head to the forums. As well as I've noticed that this comment system does not support adding images natively thus relying on 3rd party image sharing sites like imgur. On top of that there is the stupidest cap that unless you reach a certain reputation rank you cannot, comment often or even downvote/upvote?

    I know Opera is obsessive with restricting it's users similar to how China likes censoring but come on. Your browser is restrictive and your forums too?

  • @amatczak,
    a jump blog-forum works. Back (here, used: firefox 60.9esr) not.
    If, then it would make sense in both directions.

  • @artexjay said in New commenting mechanism on Opera blogs:

    This comment system is horrendous. (...)

    Yes! at least in the currently available form. 😒

  • since editing option has expired, another post:
    Just logged in via account, then the option appears that you can participate in forum. If you click on it, you are in the forum - not (!) logged in. And you have to log in again or rather confirm your login with 4-5 clicks. Not very user-friendly and very impractical.

  • @aphaltgrau What would be the reason someone would want to jump back to the same comment from forums to blogs? If you want to see the blog post then the first comment on the thread always includes the link to it. I don't see any other reason anyone would want to do it.

  • Restricting edits to 30 minutes is a practical solution to prevent spam. There is a common pattern where a spammer makes a reasonable and seemingly on-point comment that obviously gets approved by moderation. Few days/weeks later he edits it to include a spammy link in hope it will fly under the radar. That's something I've actually seen being done in our Disqus-based comments, BTW.

    Same reason is behind first-post-needs-approval and cannot post more often than X minutes at first.

    And yes, you can upload images directly here. You don't need to use any third party service.

  • @aphaltgrau That's a regression bug. It used to get you automatically logged in to Forums when you click that button. Thanks for reporting - we will fix that.

  • @amatczak: I'm sorry, could you just say a few words, why did you give up the Disqus commenting system?

  • @amatczak said in New commenting mechanism on Opera blogs:

    @aphaltgrau What would be the reason (...)

    not to dodge it. What is already stated in last post applies: a "jump-function" only makes sense if it is functional in both directions. Reasons don't matter at all!

    ps: thanks for the editing period, wasn't known.

  • @johnd78 Sure, I think I can. Without going into too much details: we decided (long time ago, really - we just didn't have resources to address that earlier!) that Disqus is not fulfilling all our needs:

    • Most importantly, it is a burden (on several levels) to maintain multiple distinct channels of communication with our users. This lead to issues being signaled to us several times in different places. That's a duplicated effort for everyone. We wish to make the forums a place where our developers and staff is more active and, by that, we want to make it more useful for everyone. Until now their attention tended to gravitate towards Disqus, not leaving them enough time to participate in discussions here. We hope to change that and that is the main reason for making the switch.
    • There are some features that Disqus simply does not provide, like ability to easily pin the same comments thread to several (closely related) blog posts - again leading to duplicated issues and noise in communication, ability to easily reference other comments from other blog posts/threads, or any search tool whatsoever.
    • Problems with reliability of Disqus, mentioned before.
    • Spam and lack of resources to moderate two distinct channels of communication.
    • We fully acknowledge that Disqus it is a more powerful and polished tool, at least from user perspective. It would be weird if it wasn't, given the fact that it is their core product and they have years of development and probably a big team behind it. At the same time it is a "take it or leave it", off-the-shelf product with zero possibility to modify if something is not working for us - which is the case here.
  • @aphaltgrau I definitely would not call it "dodging it".

    It is an effort to add such feature and we must know if and how this could be useful for anyone, so that we can prioritize this accordingly, since every change takes time. Implementing this "just because" and "reasons don't matter at all" is not a good way to manage company resources and not a good way to provide meaningful enhancements to you.

  • @amatczak Thank you so much for the answer!

  • Maybe the blog topic on forum must be more easier to find now. Currently it is in General topics> blog, but can be in Home category. Or in 'Opera for computers' there should be 'Version History' topic with 'Stable/Developer/Beta' subtopics and corresponding comments from both blog and forum.

  • @amatczak: Moderation tool is on the people who manage the website. Having a lack of resources for moderation, while fan website for games and much more can easily moderate is on Opera.

    You can easily refer to other blog post/comments if you use disqus, can easily refer to android authority if needed for example.

    It has better accessibility than whatever Opera does thats for sure.

    As for pinning that is a relatively new thing for comments even on Youtube and is not preferred by some users. Pinning is minute issue at best.

    As for your comment ""take it or leave it", off-the-shelf product with zero possibility to modify if something is not working for us - which is the case here." guess what other program does exactly that? It's called Opera Browser! Given Opera's poor reply's on topics such as allowing users custom search engine, instead of forcing users to use the privacyless ones like Google, Yahoo, Yandex etc. as well as through instant search for example (which is half baked like all of Opera's features.)

  • @aphaltgrau: I agree, it's currently lightyears behind Disqus and other commenting systems. Most places have in fact switched to Disqus as it's become one of the biggest and best cross website commenting system.

  • @amatczak: Then Moderate disqus properly not half-assed like the browser. And from your comments i see that you are quite close minded individual. "What would be the reason someone would want to jump back to the same comment from forums to blogs? " so you can follow the conversation! actually reply/upvote etc.

    Real question would be who wouldn't want it? except you of course.

  • Tell me when you will release an app on devices so i can easily reply to comments like what Disqus has, then I will be satisfied as well as bringing back the plethora of features that the Blog side of the comment section is missing(/ have lost from Disqus) compared to the forum side.

    More restrictionism on Opera's side is all i see at this point. It's less personalizable than Chrome which is the blandest of all browsers!

  • @johnd78: Essential what they said was:

    1. they didn't have enough resources or man-power to moderate it like everyone else who uses it include amateur websites.
    2. Want to restrict users to their forums.
    3. Didn't know how to integrate it properly into their system for communication
    4. There are some features that Opera wants that isn't available in Disqus and they don't know how to provide feedback to Disqus as a user of it.
    5. Didn't like that Disqus went down that one time.
    6. They know that Disqus is better they just don't like it.
  • @artexjay Sorry but I don't see any plausible reason for people keep going back and forward from blog to forum and vice versa. Just follow the topic/comments in the blog or in the forum.

  • @leocg Then abandon the blog section and implement the blogs into the forums instead. Streamline it.