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  • Amazing.

  • Cool.

  • Instead of Disqus? Interesting.

  • I like it better already.

  • Oof.

  • as a replacement for disqus or can one still use the disq-account here (probably not)?
    And it seems astonishingly similar to vivaldi, they've set it up like this for quite some time... 😉

  • @aphaltgrau Yes, this mechanism, for several reasons, will replace Disqus. This means that, sadly, you will not be able to use your Disqus account to comment here anymore.

    As for similarity to Vivaldi - yes, we used the same open-source project as the base for this feature and we both use NodeBB for our community board/forums 🙂

  • @amatczak, no problem with the disqus-account, d. is a chatterbox anyway, so it doesn't matter. pure info question.

    Blog seems a bit more accessible than the forum, at least so far.
    Disadvantage now: the comment function (layout options) in the blog is now somewhat badly solved. Therefore less readable than before.
    here, too, a "vivaldi-orientation" could be worthwhile:
    The link blog-forum exists, the comment function in the blog is still well solved (colors, text highlighting, tree view, screenshot, etc.). This would make it a bit easier to read. 🙂

  • @aphaltgrau: Of course, we will continue to work on improving the user experience. Tree-like view is already in our backlog, and was there even before this initial release. Cannot make any promises regarding dates, though 😉

  • Tree view, text editing tools before posting, notifications when somebody replies to your comment (red circle in front of user name, maybe upvoting too), screenshots attachments, longer period for post editing, increase text size. Return these things in the blog's comments.

  • @amatczak, ok. no dates - how awful... 😃
    (& andrew84 lists what is missing)

  • And regarding the forum, I can't find a way to edit my profile: I can't change password or email for example.

  • @andrew84 You can change your password and email at

  • @andrew84 You can change both email and password on Opera Auth page. Forums is not storing any passwords.

  • @leocg: thanks, I thought that Opera forum and Opera auth are two parts of the same community with the same credentials. So if I delete Opera account on the auth page, it will be also deleted on forum too (in both places there's 'delete' account/profile button)?

  • @andrew84: You can either delete both (in which case your Forums account will also be deleted) or delete just the Forums and leave your Opera Auth account intact.

  • Yes, the separation from edit (profil-)settings of forum and account is confusing, not really recognizable, badly done overall.
    If logged in, one can see the settings button above right. And it clearly suggests that you can edit mail and password there. But that's not possible. You have to change to the account for that. But what you have to know again, because there is nothing recognizable, corresponding buttons, which would help further, are missing.
    Opera, this is very much in need of revision! This all(!) can be designed much better!

    And: please add design & editing options to the blog comments. In the present form this is a bit crap (sorry)! boring, unnecessarily hard to read.

  • Would be cool if email notifications for a thread made use of in-reply-to and reference headers etc. so that the messages were grouped together as a thread in my email client (Thunderbird).

    I can turn off strict threading to group by subject, but since comment subject don't start with "re:", that doesn't work. Turning on thread_without_re seems to help though, but I'd rather keep Thunderbird at the defaults of strict threading.

    This is/was a wish for regular threads on the forum too. It's just with blog posts being such high volume, it's seems more necessary now. But, probably something NodeBB has to support.

  • @burnout426 Yes, I definitely see how this would be useful!

    I did a quick check and while it seems possible, it would not be an quick and easy task. Email notifications are sent separately to each subscriber. This means that everyone gets a separate MessageId for his/her email notification. Forums software would have to somehow remember each sent MessageId for each topic and each user, and look that info up when sending out the notifications to include appropriate headers you have mentioned.

    And yes, it would have to be implemented in NodeBB core since it would deeply modify how notifications are sent. I would suggest opening a feature request at and see what is the NodeBB's team take on this.

  • @tullyn Hi, how would you propose to change the design to solve your confusion about Forums account vs Opera account?

    As for formatting you can still use Markdown and emoijs when writing comments through embedded thread on Blogs page. What is missing is some sort of WYSIWIG composer like present when writing on
    While we know this solution is not ideal, adding a full-fledged WYSIWIG composer that can be embedded on Blogs is not a trivial task. Vivaldi, mentioned here several times, does not have this feature either.

    If you need to attach a screenshot/image you can definitely do this by writing directly through and the image will get rendered in the thread on Blogs. Again, same situation as with Vivaldi.

    From what I see, the only really valuable thing that we lack, when compared to Vivaldi solution, is the tree-like presentation style for comments. There are some drawbacks (e.g. Vivaldi loads the entire comments thread at once instead of paginating it to optimize page load speed) but I can promise that this is actually something we think about solving.