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Strange Behaviour On Opera Startup (Malware?)

  • Yesterday I clicked on the Opera launcher button and a small blue box appeared on the screen saying my profile may be corrupted and some of my settings may have been changed. I clicked on the close button for the box and Opera opened at a page that displayed a page divided into boxes and in each box was a feature of Opera eg: adblocker in one box , vpn in another. I had a quick look at the address bar and seemed to be from Opera with a certificate etc but I cannot remember the url. Oddly it did not appear in history ! I am using Opera now and it seems to be working ok (63.0.3368.94). Is the box with squares a known thing ?

  • Sort of like the web page you suggest, but the page I saw was more "professional" looking. The squares were clearly defined and coloured for the relevant features . I think the adblocker had a blue move side to side button like it has in the program itself. I did not click on anything on that page. Yet another mystery. I'm writing this message with Vivaldi because I do not have Opera on this particular machine. Should I be concerned about what I saw ? With Opera I keep a very clean browsing experience ,history etc is only kept for one day and I have NEVER stored passwords etc in any browser, or used an extension to do so.

  • @mike88 Difficult to say without the page address or a screenshot. However it may be the page that is, sometimes, shown after a new installation or update.

  • In answer to leocg it could have been shown after an update BUT it was very similar to the picture at the web address burnout426 provided. I should say nearly identical, but imagine another three rows added to fill the page, showing Operas features ! It has only appeared the once and if it appears again I will do a complete uninstal and then reinstal it. The joy of Opera is that the user settings on installation can be changed quickly, unlike Vivaldi that has more options to get to how I like.

  • I don't think it was malware and I think it was legit. Opera was/is doing some A/B testing with showing those hints, so I don't think you have to worry. But, for good measure, you can uninstall Opera (while removing your data if you don't need it) and reinstalling Opera just to be sure.

  • A few weeks ago I switched from Windows 7 32-bit to Windows 10 64-bit and installed Opera ("stand-alone/USB") on that new computer for the first time. I had downloaded the full installation package from Opera's homepage and had it checked at VirusTotal before running. I also saw that welcome page described by @mike88 afterwards.

    I know such introductory notes from other software when it is freshly installed and started for the first time. Since the installation file was downloaded from Opera servers and VirusTotal found nothing conspicuous, I also did not assume malware.

  • Pleased to read yantas comments. I have many machines (Windows 7) and sometimes do standalone installations. They can be installed into one folder (with sub folders)on the hard drive so easy to delete if something suspicious happens. In the end today, I completely removed everything with the word Opera reinstalled and set up my settings all in about 10 minutes.

  • Maybe it was this page (Must load in Opera to get the correct content)

  • Yes, very similar to the page. The only difference I can remember is I think the page I saw had a dark border round it

  • @burnout426 Yes, I'm pretty sure this is the site that was presented to me.

    By the way, when I open this page, my Opera [¹] reproducibly shows me its sidebar, although it is actually set to be hidden...

    [¹] Opera 63.0.3368.94 64-bit, installed in portable mode on Windows 10 64-bit

  • @yanta said in Strange Behaviour On Opera Startup (Malware?):

    By the way, when I open this page, my Opera [¹] reproducibly shows me its sidebar, although it is actually set to be hidden

    Yeah, the page does that with opr.browserSidebarPrivate.setVisible(true);