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[Suggestion] QoL Improvements/Requests to make Opera even better.

  • Greetings, Opera team and forum members.

    I'd like to suggest (and humbly request, if possible), four small QoL improvements and minor options to improve the end user Opera experience.

    1 - Please, let us close the WhatsApp sidebar gadget by pressing Escape as well. I'm primarily a keyboard user. Sometimes I'm just typing around and I don't want to get a hand away from the keyboard to the mouse just to close whatsapp. Small QoL change that would be super helpful.

    2 - If only one tab remains open, let us close it (and close Opera GX as a whole) by middle clicking it. As a former Google Chrome user, I'm used to close Chrome tabs by clicking the mouse wheel over them. On Chrome, if you middle click the last tab, you close Chrome as a whole. On Opera, I can close every tab except the last one, so I've to close it by other means. Please allow this existing option to work even if there's only one tab open.

    3 - Pressing "tab" could trigger the search function in the omnibar, without having to load the website and use its search option there. Let me clarify on this one. On chrome, you can type a webpage name, press "Tab" and GChrome's omnibar will automatically automcomplete the site's name (based on your browse history I guess), and allow you to search for anything you type next, skipping the process of having to oen the website. If you press enter, it will take you to the results page. This is a simply awesome feature I'm missing a lot from GChrome. Can we please have it here? At least for Youtube only!

    4 - Would it be possible to use custom icons on the sidebar for existing apps? I've read a reply from you Opera team, stating you can't provide alternate icons for WhatsApp because it could devoid into legal problems. I understand that, but does that include the option for us to manually change app icons at our wish? Personal rant: If so... damn. If i buy a car, I'm free to remove its logo from the fron bumper and add a different brand logo. Being unable to do that would make me hate Zuckerberg a little more.

    5 - Let us add custom filters/blocked items on the adblocker that comes with the browser. It's great that this browser comes with an anti ads tool built in! But I can't seem to find an option to block specific items on sites, where as UBlock allows me to do so freely, even with a visual tool that highlights the item/content I'm about to block. Can we have more control over what we're filtering?

    That's all for now, If any further info or explanation is needed, feel free to ask. I'm willing to fully step down from Chrome and uninstall it once and for all, as I've seen development and community feedback is WAY more important for you guys at Opera, than what it is for the Chrome team.

    Thank you.

  • @burytomorow Next time, one suggestion per topic please, unless they are totally related.

  • @leocg Hey there. Sure, no worries, will do.

    I couldn't find a stickied thread regarding Opera GX forum guidelines on how to format suggestion/idea threads, otherwise I'd have done it your way. I can see it could be somewhat easier to organize and keep track of, but I didn't want to bloat the forum with 5 new threads at once.

  • @burytomorow General guideline for suggestions on Opera for Desktops is valid for GX too.