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What percentage of people are adapting well to the new Opera?

  • For those sometimes using Chrome, there is now a Chrome extension (A+ Font Rendering Enhancer for Chrome) based off the Opera Font Rendering by thunder13 extension, so that runs in Chrome w/o being blocked now. There's another one called "Deblur" which may also help.

  • Is there any way of being in Full Screen and entering a new URL? Normally it Alt_D to bring up the Address Bar where you type in the new URL. But with the newest Opera, Google Chrome, Iron this doesn't work. Is there an extension for this perhaps?

  • when im in fullscreen i simply move the mouse to the top and the bar slides back in. Im using Firefox.

  • Still using 12.17 as my primary browser, and Firefox, Chrome og whatever as secondary. Have just spent a couple of hours testing some bookmark manager add ons. Any of you know of any GOOD ones?

  • To supernickn,

    when im in fullscreen i simply move the mouse to the top and the bar slides back in. Im using Firefox.

    Works in Firefox. Doesn't in Opera 22.0.

  • I tried hard to move, but I can't. Still use 12.16 - it's environment. I turn it on and off with computer, I live there. Opera 23 is useful, when something went wrong in 12. It's an app, I enter, do things and exit. Yes, it's getting better from version to version. But so slow and so ignorant to people's requests. People asked for Bookmarks, what they did? A panel! In a year!
    Some say here, that I can use extension for Download Manager. But why? I have an external Download Manager for the strange situations, why do I need to plug something into browser? Why is it ugly by default?
    Or, like I can install an extensions for this, for that and it will look great - it's not! I barely use Opera 23, it totally stuffed with plugins and still far from being even good. By the way, if I want ton of extensions, why should I use Opera? Because of the "revolutionary Stashes"?

    I am still here because I am waiting. I am a dumb fan.

    PS: I like Stashes 🙂 But it's not replacement for the Bookmarks or something else.

  • There is no way Opera is going to please everyone. I happen to like the new Opera and the direction in which the company is now taking it. Unfortunately you do not. In time you will discover that Opera 12 will not only not work but will present security risks. If I were you, I would try and adapt to the new browser. If that is impossible, consider Seamonkey which is an updated but older-looking suite with a passing similarity to Opera Presto.

  • Not adapting well at all. Your lack of foresight has made this program unusable to me. I have over four megabytes of bookmarks and the chrome bookmark toolbar is totally useless under those circumstances. You decided to sell out to google rather than continue developing something unique. I am the worse for it. I shall continue to use 12.17 even though it locks up and the plugin controller becomes more and more ornery. Eventually I will probably go back to Thunderbird or perhaps Safari. I really don't care who else is happy with this. You have failed me.

  • Maybe you guys should have a look at Opera Dev 25 with its all-new opera://bookmarks.
    Maybe this can brighten your day a bit 🙂

  • Normally, Opera is Dead now.
    Only Opera Mini still live 🙂

  • Like Christoph said, have a look at Opera Dev 25. INFORM yourselves instead of wringing your hands in despair.

  • christoph142,

    Maybe you guys should have a look at Opera Dev 25 with its all-new opera://bookmarks.
    Maybe this can brighten your day a bit 🙂

    Finally Opera introduced this useful feature! Having said that, I was happy for all of five seconds, before I became deflated again. Yes they're definitely doing the right thing and working towards the right direction in terms of functionality and usability, but the new Bookmarks manager feels a little half-cooked to me.

    If it were only the reason that you can't create nested folders, it would be the least of my problems. The fact of the matter is, that maintaining a bookmarks "database" filled with several hundred links is not possible without a proper structure. I know that, because I initially tried using my bookmarks with the Speed Dial in Opera 15 after I got them imported. It didn't work then and I can say with confidence, that it won't work now in their new iteration of bookmarks either.

    Where Opera 25 really lets me down is the lack of management functionality. After I turned away from Opera 12 out of necessity, I found the Firefox Library just as good in practical use. The holy grail of bookmarks management needs to have some statistics (time of last visit, number of visits, time added, time last changed) and even some automation (ie http return code). Even worse for Opera 25, you can't use ANY kind of sorting on a larger list of bookmarks, except for moving them manually - one by one by one, you get the idea.

    Not everybody requires a functionality like that, I understand that well enough. It is essential for me however and Opera has consistently disappointed me for the past year on that. Speed Dial, forget it. Stash, not even remotely possible. Bookmarks toolbar, nope. New Bookmarks manager, closer but no cigar. Some web-based bookmarks manager, maybe but I haven't found anything close to good enough (and I don't have the time or inclination to code something like that myself).

    Since I haven't had any luck with the last alternative, namely Chrome extensions that offer an approximation of the old Opera bookmarks manager or the current Firefox one, I'm not using any WebKit/Blink-based browser at all. What I do however is keep an eye on QupZilla and Otter Browser for the future, because they're the only ones moving WebKit into the right direction.

  • Relax, it's work in progress. The bookmark manager isn't finished yet 😉

  • At the moment I'm in no particular hurry to switch back to Opera from Firefox, so I'm seeing the browser's continued development rather relaxed 🙂 Still, what I wanted to express was, that the bookmark manager has a long way to go yet until it can compete with the old one from Opera's good old days. I hope it gets there one of these days.

  • Why not just find a bookmark system the works independently of the browser? Something that all browsers can access? After a while we all find that some browsers are unmatched in some areas compared to their competition. Bookmarks should be a standalone thing. They are too important to rely on some browser to get it right. The same could be said for a contact manager. Some people have thousands of people in a database like that. Each person has different preferences in how they wish to be contacted. Phone, email, IM, text, etc. This should be combined with an aggregator that brings in info from many sources. Technology demands cooperation and independence. This unfortunately means things are specialized and large companies hate that because its very competitive and they almost never produce products anywhere near as good as their smaller, more focused, less preoccupied with squeezing every last penny out of everything, competition. The sad truth of today.

  • @blackbird71 It's still early, either way. A transient such as a nearly-complete product-line redesign throws some major perturbations into a company's stats and stock behavior. Much as we might like it to be otherwise, until there's been at least several more quarters for trends to become apparent from underneath all the perturbations and reactions (corporate, internal productivity, and market perceptions), it's simply not possible to tell what the market trend for Opera ASA will ultimately be.

    Did anyone see this. Opera Mini has "signed a deal to take over the browser building unit of Microsoft's Nokia mobile phone unit and reported second-quarter earnings above expectations on Thursday, sending its shares sharply higher."

    It sounds like Opera is doing quite well, at least, with the mini for phones. Of course, it doesn't address desktop. But I doubt management is unhappy with the Microsoft coup.

    And its estimated earnings are going up up up . . .

  • ...
    Did anyone see this. Opera Mini has "signed a deal to take over the browser building unit of Microsoft's Nokia mobile phone unit and reported second-quarter earnings above expectations on Thursday, sending its shares sharply higher."

    It also sounds as though things between Microsoft and Opera have apparently come a long, long way from the "bork, bork" days of 2003/Opera7...

  • Perhaps that was a time when Microsoft felt threatened by Opera as maybe the up and coming desktop competition. Opera never quite became that. I think the data compression that Opera offers is quite attractive, particularly for mobile users (who may be trying to limit the amount of data that they download).

  • for me its impossible. I still use O12.17 but when some web page have problem then use FF. In new O some plugins don't work. For me O=Ch its means 0 features available only in O12. Maybe in future situation has change.

  • The phone agreement is only for the low-coast Nokia phones and not for those meant for the North American market. I agree, however, that Opera's estimated earnings are indeed on the rise. They are definitely on the right path. If only they had made this move several years earlier. I hope they are not too late to the party.

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