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[Bug/Suggestion] Editing GX Corner Content

  • Hi, Opera devs. Great browser. I've replaced all my others with it long ago. Something I've noticed in the GX corner is that sorting by news type doesn't help at all with some media sources.

    I'd like the ability to hide those sources from view completely. And I want THEM to know that I'm censoring them. And I want you guys to know when users do this so that you can improve your sorting algorithms in the future.

    For example, it's a gaming browser. I like to get game news in it. I think that's neat. So I select the tab that supposedly only shows video game news, rather than entertainment, technology, or all. And what do I find, every single day, but this filthy fucking useless website spamming up my feed:

    4.PNG 3.PNG 2.PNG 1.PNG

    This. is. not. game. news. It says 'game' in the title, but the website puts out nothing but GENOCIDAL PROPAGANDA, hollywood garbage, and political content. I would suggest removing that website from your feed service ENTIRELY, since they're incapable of accurately tagging their own data. But in the future, in addition to doing that, give the users the ability to hide data sources they don't want to see. That'll help you know what to kick off your service.

    Thanks again for all the work you've done!

  • Seriously, push out an update quickly. Change the sorting algorithms and get rid of this bullshit. I play games to keep my mind off suicidal depression, not to make it worse. I don't need to see degeneracy, either.