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All Extensions and Speed Dials gone after Update to 62/63

  • Hello everybody!

    As the topic title already says:

    After I made an update from Opera (64 bit, Stable, Version 60.X / 62.X - I can't remember the exact version that messed everything up) all my Extensions were gone. This happened a couple of weeks before, but I didn't have time to post it earlier.

    What happened: I clicked on the big red "O", then something like "restart to update to the latest version" or something and after Opera came back... BAM! All Extensions gone. Well, first I didn't realise that, I only saw that all my sessions from the Extension "V7 Sessions" have vanished and I thought it was an issue with that extension. Some time later I (after another update I guess) my Extension Sidebar was blank and the Extension Bar at the top too.

    At least I had a backup of all my Opera folders:

    %$APPDATA%\Opera Software\Opera Stable\
    %$LOCAL_APPDATA%\Opera Software\Opera Stable\

    So I deleted all contents of that folders and copied my back upped data... but unfortunately nothing changed. I got stuck with an old installation without any Extensions.

    Here I am now, crying out loud for any help or advice. 😭

    I really put a lot of time in some Extensions to get them to where they were before the extinct.

    Is my work gone forever? 😢

    P.S.: All my Speed Dials are gone too.

  • Delete Opera's program files folder (manually or uninstall while choosing to keep your data). Goto and download an older version that you think doesn't have the problem and install that. When Opera starts, immediately close it and immediately open the task manager and kill the Opera autoupdate process if it had a chance to load. Then, in Opera's program files folder under the version folder, rename opera_autoupdate.exe so Opera doesn't update on you.

    See if you find a version where your extensions still show. You might have to keep replace Opera's profile folder with a copy of your backup if things don't show back up right away.

    Once you get your stuff to show again, download the installer for the next build number and upgrade to see when it breaks. Don't forget to kill the autoupdater and rename it each time.

    Doing that might help pinpoint what version the issue first started in, which might help pinpoint what change caused it.

    It doesn't sound like an issue with the autoupdater itself as after the update, you replaced the profile files with good copies and your stuff still didn't show.

    Note that some others users have lost their speed dials when upgrading somewhat recently. Not sure why, but something goes wrong. Doesn't happen to most though.

  • Just want to put my voice here too:
    I upgraded from V66 to 67 and my Speeddials are gone too...
    What strikes me: I seem to have now 3 Computer with the same name (The one where Speeddials disapeared)!
    For some reason Opera seem to think it is a different computer and places the speed dial in a separate folder.
    Seems to have also happened on the previous upgrade, since I found some more speeddials in that 2nd folder as well. Opera seems to be copying the speeddials in the new folder, but seems to have been interrupted from doing so and therefore some or all speeddials are missing?

    Anyway, Solution:
    Dragging them over to the "new" (same name) computer at least solved the Speeddial issue for me.
    But it is not nice.
    It was scary (some research was saved in speeddials and sync seems to be also not working right...)

  • @marwerno Using Opera Sync? If so, must be something with a major version change (66-67).

  • @burnout426 Yes using sync. And at present it seems not to work (for about 1/2 year it came to light when I Really needed something on my other PC).
    Was this a major change? With this rapid version number increase one looses track...
    It took Opera from 1 - 12 ages compared to the later versions...
    Any clues how to fix sync? (Even exporting to HTML is no option: Bookmark count is 33000+ but on export I only get around 6500...)

  • @marwerno said in All Extensions and Speed Dials gone after Update to 62/63:

    WAS this a major change?

    A few users have reported issues with Sync with Opera 67, but not sure what's up at the moment.

    @marwerno said in All Extensions and Speed Dials gone after Update to 62/63:

    Any clues how to fix sync?

    Well, if the servers and Opera are working correctly and things are just messed up, you could goto and reset your data. Then, you'd choose to sync again and everything might be fine. But, I'd back up things first before trying that.

    (Even exporting to HTML is no option: Bookmark count is 33000+ but on export I only get around 6500...)

    Wonder if that's some kind of limitation with Chromium browsers. To do a test, close down Opera and copy the "Bookmarks" file (goto the URL opera://about for the "profile" location) and paste it into Chrome's profile folder to overwrite its Bookmarks file (while Chrome is closed too). Then, try exporting with Chrome to see if it does the same thing.

  • @burnout426 thanks for the in depth answer.
    I will try, even so I am not sure when I will get around to do it.
    Much appreciated.

    Almost forgot:
    I have 5 browser total on all my PCs/ Laptops which are out of sync (Since my wife also uses the same sync account so we can use each our own browsers with preferred settings and still see what the other thinks is interesting).
    Do you know any software which could compare the JSON file of Opera?
    I was trying to use Linkman for this job, but it seems not to see all the bookmarks.... Maybe a corruption of the Jason file...
    Was trying to do a readout of the file in Excel, but a lot of manual labour to do due to my nesting of folders.

  • @marwerno said in All Extensions and Speed Dials gone after Update to 62/63:

    Do you know any software which could compare the JSON file of Opera?

    JSONedit can read the file and show it nicely-formatted. See what it does when it loads the file.