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Opera Shortcut Key - Delete History

  • Quick solution: If you do not need the "Pop-up window with video" function, you can close the "Extension: Video handler" process in the Opera task manager. (You will have to close it 2 times). The problem "Ctrl + Shift + Del" will disappear. Valid until browser restart.

    Possible solution for experienced users only! : Close Opera browser. Using JSONedit, delete the section "extensions" - "commands" in the Preferences file in the profile. Clipboard04.jpg
    Save changes.

    After that, you can use the keyboard shortcuts "Ctrl + Shift +" in third-party programs when Opera is running and "Ctrl + Shift + Del" to delete the history in the current Opera 63 Stable.

  • @burnout426 The problem with the operation of the "Ctrl + shift +" keyboard shortcut in third-party programs when Opera was running first appeared in dev 64, then in 63.0.3368.66 Stable. The developers reacted for the first time yesterday. My method with editing the Preferences file is just a workaround

  • The shortcut ctrl shift del for browser date erasing does not work on my PC anymore - probably since last Opera update. To exclude any other possible reasons, I performed a system recovery with an image from beginning of August with Opera 62. Result: Directly afterwords the shortcut worked (Opera 62), but as soon as Opera updated itsself to Vs. 63.0.3368.71 some minutes later the shortcut didn´t work anymore.

    System: win 7, newest Opera Version 63.0.3368.71

    It would be very kind, if some other users would tell us, if they actually make the same experiences when trying to use the shortcut with Version 63.0 under win7 etc. and if the opera developers then could solve this problem.


  • I´ve got the same problem. Had just opened a new thread as I didn´t see your post, sorry.

    Seems to be caused by the new version 63.0.3368.71, if you ask me.

    To try out, if it is caused by adware or a virus, I just installed a clean system image from 8th of august 2019 with Opera 62.0: the short cut worked. About 20 minutes later Opera updated itsself to Vs. 63.0.3368.71: the short cut didn`t work any more. So I suppose its not caused by adware or a virus. And neither by win7.

    I also tried - like you did - the reset options of opera: also without success. It looks like we have to use our comftable mice instead of the short cut, we are used to, if we want to erase the browser data.


    P.S.: Sorry for opening a new thread an hour ago. I didn´t see this post. Nomen est omen ....

  • Same with me. I just noticed this the other day and also found out that [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[End] (etc) no longer works in any text editor, word document, VS Code environment.

    When I reboot all works again until I open Opera (v63.0.3368.71) and attempt [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Del] again, which messes up my Windows keyboard shortcuts. 😞

  • @wphaskett Ah ha! The disabling of [Ctrl]+[Shift]+... keys in windows only occurs while Opera is open. Close Opera and the Windows (3rd party apps) shortcut keys work again. Still would like to press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Del] to clear browsing history though.

  • Hi. So I have attempted to log this as a bug but the online bug wizard thing is dreadful and just times out.

    When Opera is open, some keyboard shortcuts do not work. For certain CTRL + SHIFT + END/HOME does nothing, as opposed to selecting all text from the caret to the end, or beginning of the document.

    This effects ALL applications on the host machine.

    Closing Opera mitigates the issue

    Repro Steps:

    1. Open Opera (version 63.0.3368.71)
    2. In another application, say Notepad++, attempt to select a large volume of text using this super handy keyboard shortcut

    Expected Result:
    this keyboard shortcut functions as it has for the last 20 years

    Actual Result:
    Nothing happens.

    Close Opera - the shortcut works.

  • It's a known bug. No need to file on it. For a workaround, see

  • Thanks, @johnd78

  • @johnd78 Thank you so much John! I use 5 different browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Edge and Opera) for my work due to the nature of different system we need to login. I need to clear the history many times in a day to clear the cache. This issue has caused me to go into the settings in all browser which was a pain until I found your solution. I just had to kill the Video Handler extension in the Opera Task Manager twice as you mentioned and Boom! I was able to use the shortcut on all browser all day as I never closed Opera. You made my day!

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