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AXR needs to be a standard [ HTML&CSS replaced with XML&HSS ]

  • "AXR is a new platform for creating web sites and applications, redesigned from the ground up to enable modern user experiences. The web you love, but better."

    Basicly, replacing HTML and CSS with XML and HSS, making the design process way much easier, faster and less complicated! The CSS, at least, was not made to be used the way it is used! They never imagined people would use the floating for layout alignment, the lists as navigation bars. And much more things were not made to be used they way they are used now.
    AXR needs to be a standard, because it will change the whole internet for good! And in the way it should be! But there are 5 big browsers who can make AXR a standard in an instant. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer. But if you don't make the first step, someone else will, and you will lose the chance to be the first browser adding this standard. And if you will be the first browser adding this as a standard, you will be remembered in the history of the Internet Standards as the first browser to ever have it!

    What AXR does
    "The goal of the AXR Project is to create a new standard for making, displaying and interacting with web documents and applications, as well as building a set of libraries required for this. Starting completely from scratch and using the knowledge and experience of today’s technologies, it aims to make the lives of web designers and developers easier by providing advanced tools to help them build cool stuff with ease.

    We propose a different, yet familiar alternative to current web standards. It will adapt older features which proved to be good and rethink the weaknesses. As an example, it will use plain text encoding to describe content and design, as well as other related resources, e.g. images, audio, video, fonts, etc., to form the web document, much in the way the current web standards work.

    For content markup, it will use XML instead of HTML, and, for design, HSS instead of CSS, whose syntax is derived from the latter, with advanced new features such as object orientation, references, mathematical expressions, new streamlined selectors, filters, behaviors, etc.

    AXR Compatibility

    Until browser developers decide to include the AXR core library into their own software, it will be implemented as a plug-in, using NPAPI for most browsers and Active-X for Internet Explorer (all of this facilitated through a compatibility layer called Firebreath). This way, we can start using AXR much sooner than waiting for the actual implementation.

    Keep in mind that AXR's final goal is to create a new web standard, thus, the plugin phase is a temporary measure to allow the new technology to prove itself and to be distributed at first."

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