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Opera doesn't download exe files

  • Opera doesn't download exe files

    Downloading other files works normally. However, when I download any executable files, the download is interrupted and nothing saves.
    From firefox everything downloads correctly. Therefore it is not a failure of my firewall or PC settings.
    Similar problem was alredy discussed here, but they didn't find a solution.

  • @jirka005 Did you check your antivĂ­rus?

  • @leocg
    I have no antivirus.
    And firefox works normally, so I would search for the mistake only in Opera.

  • @jirka005 An antivirus can be set up to work only with specific programs, if you don't know that.

    Anyway, any extension being used? What about the VPN?

  • @leocg Thanks. I use approximately 12 extensions. I'll try without them.
    Antivirus really is not responsible. I do not have any.

  • @leocg I tried downloading with a newly installed opera, without extensions and with the original settings. Nothing has changed.
    The file will be downloaded almost entirely, but when it should be saved to disk, I see the message: Aborted: Blocked. (I translated the failure message from my language - it might be slightly different.)
    However, when I set the type of the file to be saved instead of "executable" on "all files" and delete the exe extension from the file name, the file is saved.
    So opera has no system permissions to store executable files.
    How would I change that? I use windows 7. I installed opera just like firefox, firefox downloads, not opera.

  • There is nothing inherent in Windows 7 that would do that, some antivirus or security software is doing it. What internet security software do you have?

  • @sgunhouse Unfortunately I checked it first and nothing helped.
    I use "PC tools firewall plus". I tried to turn it off completely, nothing changed. Then I deleted and re-set the rules for opera, again without effect.
    I don't use another such program.

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