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Change Search Engine in Speed dial.

  • @leocg Now we both know that that is a crock of pig fat if Vivaldi can do it so can Opera what you really should be telling people on here is that the Opera dev team are just to lazy to implement it and more people who want this should be complaining to the Devs and asking for it to happen as it's really nothing to do with using Chromium it's just lazy devs

  • @athlonite Opera appears to have a deal with Google to be the only search engine allowed there.

  • @burnout426 yeah that's why I'm now going to get rid of Opera and install Vivaldi as they'll let me do it I don't like google never have and I prefer a search engine that does keep a record of everything I look up

  • Sort of ... if you were in Russia then Yandex would be the only choice there.. We've had some Ukrainian users who didn't want Yandex there, and I've told them that if they edit their location to say "US" instead they'd change to Google - so naturally the reverse must hold as well. If you really want the Russians to see your searches rather than Google. 👀

  • Instead of been abrupt and saying "As already said several times, you can't change it." Could just say we done a deal with Google.

  • @sgunhouse but I don't wish to use either Yandex or Google I'd like to use a search provider who doesn't feel the need to keep a record of everywhere I go and everything I search for like DuckDuckGo

  • That's exactly what I wanted to change it to! DuckDuckGo. Looks like a deal was done so you can't change it! Due to as mentioned above you can change it in Vivaldi. You make your own conclusions! What has happened here!

  • At least I found out how to eliminate the spyware box from Speed Dial entirely. Would have been nice to change it though.

  • @james8 No, I couldn't because I don't work for Opera and I don't know about their commercial agreements.
    And even if I worked for Opera, I don't know if I could tell about it.

  • @leocg then if you don't know why did you write a faq about it

    leocg MODERATOR Dec 1, 2018, 2:48 PM
    How to change the search engine in start page

    You can't change it but you can hide it in settings.

    shouldn't you as a moderator on Opera's forums know this sort of thing for a fact

  • @athlonite What one thing has to do with the other?

    Many people were asking about how to change the search engine in speed dial, so I added the question to the FAQ with the answer for it.

  • @athlonite And no, I shouldn't. Moderators in forums are usually regular users with some power that help keeping the forum running organized, they don't need to know everything that runs in the company, when the forum is about one or about a product made by one.

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