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[Solved]Deleted desktop icon back on every update

  • @icehawk Why report a bug that was already fixed? Just want for the fix to reach stable channel.

  • Because some not very useful beta things have reached the stable, but not this...

  • @leocg said in Deleted desktop icon back on every update:

    @icehawk Why report a bug that was already fixed? Just want for the fix to reach stable channel.

    Every time I run 65.0.3425.0, it puts its icon on the desktop (Win10). Fixed?

  • @rseiler Doesn't happen for me. Did you try a reinstall?

  • @leocg No, it's not worth nuking everything just for this. Clearly, though, there's some aspect of the bug that did exist before that can carry over to the present.

  • @rseiler

    Uninstall Opera while choosing to keep your data (if you want).

    Delete the Opera Developer program files folder.

    Clear "C:\windows\temp" and "C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\local\temp" (to get rid of some autoupdate stuff).

    Make sure there are no Opera Developer Tasks in the Windows Task Manager.

    Delete any Opera Developer shortcuts that are left over.

    Reinstall Opera Developer.

    You should be good to go from then on. I don't think the fix fixes existing installs very well (if at all).

  • My Opera Developer just updated to 65.0.3430.0. No icon was put back on my desktop.

  • @burnout426 Just for clarity, when a build upgrades, and it runs, it by definition has successfully upgraded, right? Especially if you've upgraded to multiple builds, successfully each time, eliminating the possibility of a fluke with one build in particular.

    So, how would an uninstall/reinstall (while keeping the profile) be substantively different than an upgrade? Doesn't this problem feel much more like something amiss in the profile, a vestige of the earlier problem left behind for some?

  • @rseiler The updater is a separate thing that fetches the installer files and updates with the parameters that were used before. I think it might look in installation_status.json for some things. And, I'm guessing the fix for the updater doesn't fix things messed up in installation_status.json. Not 100% sure, where the issue is at, but deleting the program files and reinstalling might help. If it doesn't and trying with just a new profile fixes it, then it's probably in one of the profile files. Doesn't seem to be though.

  • Mmmh. Update Stable from .66 to .71: No desktop-icon. 🙂

  • @icehawk There are still a few dozen bugs to fix, as well as return functionality from Presto, and you can think about returning to Opera, as the default browser! But, I think, with their current policies, this we will never wait. Therefore, Opera is now only a secondary browser.

  • @temkem For me, Opera is still the best browser. Opera does everything I want and need.
    I have tried to change to Vivaldi, but its developer-console is a mess and for me not useable.