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What are you doing on the Net right about now? :)

  • We usually 'multitask' in our browsers, right?
    And even aside from a browser up & running, we can undertake some other procedures: updating something, using a client, streaming something with a mediaplayer, whatnot:)

    So - except that you're reading this (or even going to post a reply all of a sudden) - what's the deal?

    Not mentioning that my RealPlayer is streaming Radio Kent, in another tab I'm reading on plate tectonics - I need to know things better to better understand the Earth's formation and history. So I thought that I need to learn some geology as well. Do you think it's boring?:)

  • Moderating, obviously. Hey, you asked.

  • Posting in your thread, obviously.

  • Shopping for an ebook. 🙂 I think I've got twenty I haven't read, but I"m still acquiring more.

  • Headaching at some open education podcasts on Oxford University's site.
    There's one called "Botanic Garden" -- I was indeed expecting some video - at least for an introduction... Know what? Only audio there - nice.
    Nice place it seems though overall - I just started to dig into there...

  • Reading these forums. 🙂

  • Assessing an ear: 🙂

  • Checking 'image' sharing of Ookla speed testing results: .
    The previous time I tried I was with Opera (something was not right with the image (link)).

  • Checking my BBC Radio Drama feeds, in Notes I'm adding and deleting stuff, BBC again, talk radio, and just finished downloading Naked Scientists podcasts, strangely enough from the BBC. Got a couple of forums open and going to clean up webmail shortly. I've also just stumbled on this in youtube, never heard of her before and rather liked the video:

  • Watching a baseball game now on television, while I browse the forum with my Ipad. I'm a multi-tasker -- capable of spitting and walking in a straight line at the same time. Usually 🙂

  • Rainspa, I can't see any video.

  • @ joshl

    Rainspa, I can't see any video.

    I wonder why, I can. I thought just the url would show but it's the video I see. Anyway it's Gemma Ray - 100MPH (in 2nd Gear) uploaded by Bronze Rat Records.

    1. You can address me just like this: "Josh, ...".

    2. Had you tried using the quotation tool here? In any case you can copypaste stuff putting it after "> " in the beginning of a new line.

    3. What browser are you with? Maybe there are differences? 🇭🇲

    1. OK 'Josh'

    2. I tend to forget the quotation thingy on this forum ever since it changed from My Opera, I'm sure I'll adapt...eventually.

    3. Opera 12.17, but it's the same with Firefox in my case. Could it be a regional thing that stops it showing?

  • Rainspa, Chrome. I'll check about with my Opera later (in case). No change for me - no see...

  • Rain, I can see and watch your video in Opera.
    Strange thing about Chrome, though...:left:

    Just watched Countryman, however in bad quality (picture).
    The final titles are genial! What? Haven't heard? Me hadn't either, before.
    A Jamaican adventure movie:rasta:

  • Discovered a (uk)radioplayer.
    Happened to it via BBC Cambridge's "listen online" link. It seems that it doesn't have a core url - or sorts... Does it? Couldn't find any home link yet.

    Original 106 FM's now been playing - since yesterday late night.
    Quite stable a thing! Another - indigenous - player seems to have hung my Opera the night before.

  • Original 106 FM's now been playing...

    It's Wirral Radio now.

    Another - indigenous - player seems to have hung my Opera the night before.

    I guess it could be a combination of such a player and a connection fall.
    My new connection has a bad habit to get lost once a day. IDK.

  • Josh

    BBC Cambridge is accessed via BBC Radio iplayer which isn't available outside UK, no link as far as I know, I think that's the case with all local radio. Radio Cambridge hosts Naked Scientists which I mentioned earlier as it happens. Radioplayer is partially funded by BBC and commercial radio I believe.

    Wonder why Chrome doesn't show the video

  • Listening to (to say - "listening" - right) URB via UKradioplayer (a usual tab, Opera); having two active(!) tabs in the side panel (a clock and a thermometer).
    Actively? More or less - having sex with operaforums;)
    No satisfaction!

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