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  • From Opera Beta 70 changelog:

    DNA-79195 Wrong date on history

  • @leocg

    Thanks, couldn't find this thread before posting, I wasn't searching for the correct terms. Also just noticed update says the newest version is still 69.0.3686.57. I guess that means we're still waiting on the 70. fix.

  • Well, I just upgraded to 69.0.3686.57 and something was fixed... Now the day changes at midnight, but there's still something wrong: now it's one day off! For example, urls from today, Monday 13th, appear as "Today Sunday 12". I hope version 70 fixes this completely...

    At least now it's a bit easier to know which day each history entry belongs to. 🤣

  • @leocg said in HIstory date is incorrect:

    From Opera Beta 70 changelog:

    DNA-79195 Wrong date on history

    No luck, version 70 still has the same error as version 69. That is, date cutoff is fine, but it says "Today - <yesterday's weekday> <yesterday's date>"
    And for "Yesterday", it's the day before. So the words "today" and "yesterday" are fine, but the dates are all wrong.

  • @alobpreis Seems to happen only if you open the full history page, since the panel doesn't show today and yesterday date.

  • I always use the full page History, as I don't use the lateral bar.
    Anyway, I just tried it and the issue is pretty much the same. With the lateral history I get "today" with no date (fine so far), then "yesterday" with no date, but then comes "Monday 27", instead of "Tuesday 28" (it's Thursday already here).

  • Seems to still be a problem. IDK how it's possible to log a new Bug, but "DNA-79195" does not seem to contain the complete fix for the "one day off" thing.

    Version - 74.0.3911.22

  • I cannot begin to fathom how this severe issue hasn't been solved in years... Only the day cutoff was fixed (e.g. day changing at 9pm), but not the 1 day off.

  • For quite some time, Ctl-H, i.e., history, has been 24 hours off relative to computer time (e.g., Win 10 time), showing the same time of the previous day. It's been reported by probably a number of people, but the error continues. Neither Chrome nor any of the other browsers I have installed -- FF, Edge, Vivaldi -- get it wrong. What's blocking a fix?

  • this problem also happens to me. impossible not to have a solution 😑

  • @alobpreis Completely agreed! Jeez, I love Opera, has been my browser of choice for about 4 years even though I still keep a couple others around for practicity, but it's really inconcievable that they haven't fixed the 1-day history offset by now.