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HIstory date is incorrect

  • A day of his is out of order the opera browser , I settled it on new one but it did not help!

  • @hisnibs I was just about to report the same problem. Scrolling through the last week of my history, I can see that the date changes from "yesterday" to "today" at 4 pm instead of midnight. That is, it's firing 16 hours too late instead of 8 hours too soon. I suspect the date rollover is hard-coded to Greenwich Mean Time, because I'm eight hours west, in California. I doubt that there is currently a fix for this, and hopefully a future version of Opera will allow us to set a local time zone.

    Assuming you use the search box to reduce the number of history links displayed, the incorrect date probably won't prevent you from finding that interesting article you started reading last Tuesday.

  • Months go by and the issue persists! I'm kind of used to this already but I cannot believe this could be something so hard to fix...

    Today is Wed 13th:
    Today is Wed 13th

    Crossing midnight, Opera thinks it's still the same day:
    Day change at 9PM

    Day change at 9PM (I'm at GMT-3, so it's changing at UTC, as usual). And BTW, yesterday was Tue 12th.
    Yesterday was Tue 12th
    All records from this last screenshot belong to Tue 12th, and not Monday 11th.

    So basically, the history is only correct between 9PM and midnight.

  • Title says it all. My browser history is one day off, The links are from today but Opera thinks today is Thursday July 9th not Friday the 10th. Opera thinks yesterday was the Wednesday the 8th and day before was Tuesday the 7th, etc.

    Would like to remedy this if anyone can help.

  • From Opera Beta 70 changelog:

    DNA-79195 Wrong date on history

  • @leocg

    Thanks, couldn't find this thread before posting, I wasn't searching for the correct terms. Also just noticed update says the newest version is still 69.0.3686.57. I guess that means we're still waiting on the 70. fix.

  • Well, I just upgraded to 69.0.3686.57 and something was fixed... Now the day changes at midnight, but there's still something wrong: now it's one day off! For example, urls from today, Monday 13th, appear as "Today Sunday 12". I hope version 70 fixes this completely...

    At least now it's a bit easier to know which day each history entry belongs to. 🤣

  • @leocg said in HIstory date is incorrect:

    From Opera Beta 70 changelog:

    DNA-79195 Wrong date on history

    No luck, version 70 still has the same error as version 69. That is, date cutoff is fine, but it says "Today - <yesterday's weekday> <yesterday's date>"
    And for "Yesterday", it's the day before. So the words "today" and "yesterday" are fine, but the dates are all wrong.

  • @alobpreis Seems to happen only if you open the full history page, since the panel doesn't show today and yesterday date.

  • I always use the full page History, as I don't use the lateral bar.
    Anyway, I just tried it and the issue is pretty much the same. With the lateral history I get "today" with no date (fine so far), then "yesterday" with no date, but then comes "Monday 27", instead of "Tuesday 28" (it's Thursday already here).

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