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What's on your Media?

  • "<abbr title="I'm a man in constant sorrow">My sorrows</abbr>" on Ulster's Drive 105🆙

  • Eagle Radio:
    A Russian site has been caught streaming people's private security cameras online - those affected usually don't bother to change default passwords.

  • Listening to BBC Humberside, we've got 3 news today.

    1. Killing of cartoonists and police in Paris.
    2. Ched Evans is to play in Oldham Athletics.
    3. Britain's House of Commons' ice-cream fridge broke: it keeps freezing but refuses to give up any ice-cream. Major trouble... 💣
  • Ched Evans is to play in Oldham Athletics.

    BBC Lancashire said Oldham had revoked the deal - fearing sponsors' flee and something else.

  • A new community radiostation's online - Beverly FM (East Riding of Yorkshire).
    Mostly music - but some talkie time to time... Is it that England/Britain is experiencing some sports fever right about now or they just specialise on sports news/talkie?

  • Woman attacked and beaten by masked thugs while giving birth at home . ...


    Basildon, Essex.
    The gangmen broke into the house where there were other family members, beat the 22-year-old woman <cite title="">who was believed to be in labour</cite>. She got her skull fractured, but alive and eventually gave the birth.

    First heard on Gateway 97.8*, radiobroadcaster from Basildon.

  • Listening to Gateway 97.8 (Essex, UK), they said MicroSoft had announced Windows 10 would be the last operating system of the series. Like no Windows any more.
    They said in Basildon, the company would be doing a new brand OS.

    Surprise! :chef:

  • TV channel "Russia-Culture" and SkyNews report:
    <li>Egypt's Mohammed Morsi is sentenced to death;</li>
    <li>Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnayev, by the jury's unanimous decision, sentenced to death, due to Massachussetts's absence of capital punishment the procedure is to be carried out by Federal law (appellations are expected);</li>
    <li>the EU's first highest-rank gay-marriage took place: Luxembourg's PM wed a Belgian sculptor (or was it an architect?).</li>

  • A riddle on GTFM:

    A cowboy arrives at a town on Friday.
    He stays there for three days.
    He leaves on Friday.

  • On Radio Hartlepool, they said the UK has problems with drugs, particularly cocaine.

  • Anthony, it is highly unwelcome to post like you just did.
    This is not your Fb timeline, this is a forum - where people talk.

  • SNP are up to something?

  • Listening to LBC News, TalkTalk has got hacked bad.

    Found links to news on BBC, CNBC and The Guardian...

  • Having found this dam burst in Brazil news in my RSS, checked that on account if Leo (@leocg) was o'k.
    They said one person had been killed.

  • Having found this dam burst in Brazil news in my RSS, checked that on account if Leo (@leocg) was o'k.

    Thanks, everything is ok here except for a viral infection. 🙂

    The accident happened about 420Km from here and was kinda severe. News say that a whole village was destroyed and there are lots of people still missing so number of fatalities may increase.

  • Ludwig van

  • Just heard on LBC and came to check Yahoo! News:

    Zuckerberg - News

    Zuckerberg to give away 99% of shares
    Zuckerberg to give away 99% of shares
    `BBC News10 hours ago`  

    Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan say they will give away 99% of their shares, as they announce the birth of their daughter Max.
    Mark Zuckerberg Philanthropy Pledge Sets New Giving Standard
    Bloomberg via Yahoo UK & Ireland Finance10 hours ago
    New dad Zuckerberg vows to give away Facebook fortune
    AFP via Yahoo UK & Ireland News6 hours ago

  • A serviceman has been sentenced in Egypt to prison for posting non-reverent stuff on Facebook.

    Putin wasn't going to restore the USSR.

  • BBC: Oregon clashes of federal police with some local militia - over some land dispute/ <blockquote>Oregon leader seized in deadly clash
    One person dies during an operation by US police to arrest the leader of an armed occupation at a wildlife refuge in Oregon.
    US & Canada</blockquote>
    Listening to Russian media:

    1. BBC released a documentary about corruption in Russia, concerning Putin personally, based on some data from US's financial adminstration;
    2. leader of the Yabloko party, Yavlinskiy, detained during his one-man picquet in the "president administration" building.
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