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User Banned

  • Thank you very much for your kind answer Christoph142. So, we've got bad news here... Yes, you are right, that user ID and mail were part of my old opera 12 (was it 12?) "MyOpera" account. Are there any chance to use my actual Gmail email address? Thank you for the support, have a nice day.

  • We'll try to. I don't know if it's gonna work, but we'll find out together 😉
    I'm gonna change your email manually now. You'll have to confirm it then.

  • I've just made a try to create a new account. It seems it's the email the problem: the system says "this email is already used by another account". Damn?! 🙂 But I can't cancel my old MyOpera account because...I can't login anymore (user banned). Uff, I'm afraid I have to do an Opera linked new Gmail account.

  • No, it's in use, because I just linked it to this account 😉

  • I got a bit lost! 😃 BTW, thank you for your help.

  • @Christoph142 can u please reactivate my account for me its richking1

  • Sorry, there's no account with that name. I guess you were using it in the old forums...?

  • @christoph142 yes I was and I jus need my sync bookmarks they are very important to me

  • I jus need my sync bookmarks they are very important to me

    What happens when you try to login on

  • @leocg its saying user is banned

  • Hi,

    I have the same problem with two of my accounts. I forgot usernames but I know what emails they use. I made this two accounts couple of years ago, don't remember exactly when but I never really used them so I forgot usernames. Now when I tried to log in it says on both that "User is banned." I would like to delete both accounts to free email adresses so I can make a new account. Or to delete one of accounts and remove ban from the other so I could use it. I really don't know why they are banned. I don't want to write email here on forum to be public, I hope I can send them to admins privately.

  • I made this two accounts couple of years ago

    Sorry, but we (admins) can only help with accounts in this forum, not with former myOpera accounts.

  • So who can help me then? Can i send you these email adresses so you can check if you can do something? I'm not really sure how old they are.

  • Anyone? I want my email addresses free.

  • Hmm obviously you really shouldn't post email addresses publicly (unless you're testing your new improved spam filter or it's a disposable account). Tell you what, I have the same username over at ... email it to me there and I'll look into it.

  • hey guys! So it looks that my old account, that I hadn't used in years was banned for apparently no reason. the username is renanlazarotto, and I think that it is not registered here on the forum (it was from MyOpera, and I noticed that its banned when I tried to reset the password to use for Opera Link).

    If there is anything you can do to me, I'll be happy. Thanks!

  • anything you can do to me

    I guess you meant to say "for me" ^^
    But in any case, the answer unfortunately is no.

  • My account was also banned.

    This is an unacceptable condition!

  • recently I installed Opera and opened an account, user: "ripiosuelto". I was banned and can not find the reason

  • Hmm, my account was banned too, really fast. But I thought that had to do with my use of words, making it look like a spam message (I assumed). It was about a Donate button; I've created a new account, partly for a request to make a donation. And partly to ask how I could modify OperaMail to display bigger buttons; I've changed a button (in, and it showed), changed the font to 24pt, got everything else bigger with regex, but not the buttons.

    Anyway, I was probably banned for two reasons. Offering a donation (but for real), and perhaps a possible software error. It's possible. Hopefully it gets solved soon.

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