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Opera Removing Speed Dial Wallpapers

  • @leocg I have been following this thread because the same problem has been bothering me. My animated wallpaper will randomly change upon restarts and even when opening a new tab. It always replaces it with circle design. My animated wallpapers are being saved and are located in the profile folder "themes". I can not locate a folder named "wallpaper". Do I need to add it? More advice would be appreciated because this small flaw detrtacts from the Opera experience every time I use it.

  • @tommycee My bad, Themes_backup is the correct name of the folder.

  • @leocg is it the answer to all our questions. To name a folder that we always knew and that contain only two default wallpapers. I have already told that these wallpapers in theme_backup are SVG but others in themes are JPG. May be that is the reason. I tried to replace them, made another svg file and replaced that reborn3_dark.svg with my picture. But surprisingly Opera ignored it and my wallpaper again was that picture with awful rings. So I assumed that Opera has another folder for wallpapers. I did everything with that files in themes_backup, but Opera restores them after all, even if I'm offline. How?

    When I see such answers of support and moderators, which completely do not answer the questions of users, I understand that it means - "f--- off, we don't know the reason of the bug and can't tell what to do". Ok, no problem.

  • @corsarshah I just set a random image as my theme/wallpaper and it was saved in themes folder in Opera's profile directory.

  • @corsarshah said in Opera Removing Speed Dial Wallpapers:

    @burnout426 off course it's not because of one picture. There was no need to check, I mentioned that Opera changes any picture. I set as wallpaper a picture from a folder on desktop, and surprisingly it has changed only once since then. But if I choose a pic from Opera stable folder it will change many times a day. Can't understand the mystique Opera.

    So what about the real place of Opera wallpapers? Does anybody know? Is it so secret?

    @aam2018 said it only happens local pics you add. You're saying that's not that the case and that it happens with pics from the Opera Stable folder. You gave me the link to, which implies that it only happens for you when you install a wallpaper from the addons site. Or, are you clicking "add wallpaper" in the easy-setup menu and choosing a file inside the Opera Stable folder (the themes folder)? Or, were you just mentioning the Opera Stable folder as that's your profile folder where you meant that only wallpapers from the addons site are stored there and you're referring to just those?

    Better yet, assuming I have a brand new Opera profile, please give me step-by-step, specific, detailed instructions on how to reproduce this issue.

  • @burnout426

    In my case I have my personal pictures on my hard drive. I drag a picture to Opera and then right click on it and click on Use image as wallpaper. Sometimes it holds sometimes it doesn't.

  • It changed pictures that I selected from my pc, from easy-setup, from addon site...
    I supposed that the reason may be one of the extensions, so I checked all. One of extensions didn't work at all. Nimbus screen-shot. It didn't respond to any click. So I removed it. And since then wallpaper hasn't been changed to default yet.
    Could the reason be in one non-working extension?

  • @corsarshah Extensions can cause issues, that's why in the instructions to report issues is said to test with them disabled.

  • @aam2018 Can you download the Opera installer, launch it, click "options" set "install path" to a folder on your desktop, set "install for" to "standalone installation", uncheck "import data from default browser", install and test in that Opera? Do not enable Opera Sync and do not install any extensions in that Opera.

    Doing it that way won't interfere with you normal Opera and it'll tell you if it's just your Opera profile causing the issue or Opera itself.

  • I tried a little experiment, that so far seems to be holding, only time will tell. I went to the themes folder where Opera saves the wallpapers in zip format and deleted everyone there.

    The path in my case was: C:\Users\Terry\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\themes

    So far I've been able to keep a background picture for two days with no problems. I'll keep your updated. As I said originally it's not a serious problem but it is annoying.

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