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Bookmark bar reappears even after disabling it repeatedly

  • Usually, it is saving a bookmark to the Bookmarks Bar folder that makes it display.

  • I'm having what seems to be the same issue, and the bar keeps coming back without bookmarking anything or even looking at bookmarks.

  • In my case it's different. 5 minutes ago I received an email with a link (using Thunderbird), which I clicked and the next thing I saw was the bookmarks bar in my browser.

  • if bookmark tool bar is showing then right click bookmark and uncheck Show bookmarks bar..

  • @nvmjustagirl That's what I'm doing again and again

  • I have a link to the bookmarks on my sidebar... There is a keyboard shortcut to access it too.... WHY must it pop that bar I do not want at the top of my browser window up every time I add a link etc?? Is there no way to turn that one off without having to "remove" it every single time??

  • Download the Opera installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder named "Opera Test" on your desktop, set "install for" to "standalone installation", uncheck "import data from default browser" and install. Test in that Opera but do not enable Opera Sync and do not install any extensions. Turn the bookmarks bar off, close Opera and start it up again.

    Does it happen there too? You can do launcher.exe "" on the command line with Opera open or closed to see if an outside link somehow triggers it.

  • @nikaalexandrov this problem has STILL not been fixed. Is there someone around who will actually fix the issue? I am getting tired of repeatedly having to turn off/uncheck the stupid 'show bookmarks' box repeatedly whenever I try to drag bookmarks to the correct folder all the freaking time.

  • I have the exactly the same issue. I am wondering what their intention is.

  • @sgunhouse : ... and how can we stop it?

  • @moppera Selecting a different place to save bookmarks?

  • It's annoying. The same issue on Linux, Windows and MacOS 😞

  • @moppera So you dont use bookmarks bar? I find it the most useful tool there is. But and its a big but, I have the word bookmarks (BMKS) on the bar and use that to quickly find my favorite sites not on the speed dial. Speed dial is fine but not for like 20 icons or more.
    Ya if your bookmarks bar only has like google maps and such it serves no purpose. Try opening bookmarks bar and seeing if your bookmarks is on it. You may like it.

  • I had the same problem but fixed it tonight and here's how:

    Next time you're at a page that you want to bookmark, DON'T right click and add to bookmarks. Instead, go to the small heart icon at the far right of the address bar and click that to save. You'll probably see 'Bookmarks Bar' as the save option. Change that to something else, speed dial or as I do, 'Other Bookmarks'.

    Right click the bookmarks on the bookmarks bar and choose 'send to bin'. Do them all and assuming that you've unchecked the 'Show Bookmarks Bar' option, then the bar will disappear and won't return. Mine has been fine.

    For the bookmarks that you've deleted from the bookmarks bar and sent to bin, go into the bin, open each page individually and using the heart icon again, re-save them to wherever your preferences are.

    Now, next time you're on a page that you want to bookmark, just right click on it and choose the usual 'Add To Bookmarks' option. The heart icon will open and you can see that it's not being saved to the bookmarks bar.

    And that's it. It's worked for me and it'll work for everyone else too.


  • @holecrap Different people, different opinions, what can I say? I neither use the bookmarks bar, which I find annoying, nor speeddial, one of the most needless features that Opera came up with and all other browsers copied, I have no clue why. Oh, I see, there are people who like it like you. Could you explain why?

  • @popinjay01 How long did it take? I have got hundreds of bookmarks in kind of 50 categories. I cannot imagine this is what the developers had in mind, it seems like a tremendous waste of time, while there should be a button that ensures one simply does not use the bookmarks bar and it should never pop up. Something that was default state in earlier Opera versions.

  • @leocg
    Why should I have to select another place to save my Bookmarks? I have no issue with the bookmarking system in Opera. THAT works just fine. What i take issue with, is the fact, every time I add a new bookmark, the dumb bar REAPPEARS at the top of the browser page.. wasting space. So I have to open the bookmark page, uncheck "show bookmark bar".. then close. If I add another.. there's the damn thing AGAIN... I can access bookmarks via the heart at the top of the browser.. and I have access in my sidebar.. where I want it... I have no use for the dumb bar that keeps hogging browser page space up top each time i add one.. THAT is the issue here. There is NO NEED for it to keep popping back up, once I un-check show it!! If I UN-CHECK "show bar".. it should STAY UN-SHOWN!!
    Get it now?

  • @hankster1958 No need to shout. Banned for a week.

  • @hankster1958 Answering your question, since adding a bookmark to the bookmarks bar seems to make it show up, placing the bookmark somewhere else will probably avoid that behavior.

  • @leocg Sorry, but that is not possible. The bookmark bar pops up before you select a place to store it

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