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  • How do I resize this input window when composing a message to be about 75-85% the height of the window? While the proportion of window devoted to prior posts was ok (I might make it larger), for browsing posts, for composing I'd expect the compose window to resize to take up a majority of the space. So next I tried resizing it.

    Normally, from other browser usage (or this browser on a different page), I'd hover over the separation point between top and bottom and see my cursor change to a up+down arrow -- but not here. I see a dark round icon on the left with a white up+down arrow in it, that looked hopeful, as I put my cursor over it, and saw my cursor change shape to a hand w/index finger (seeming to indicate the circle was clickable or selectable cursor, but doing so resulted in no changes.

    I looked around and almost submitted a near empty post because I upon narrowing the browser window, the text of 'discard/submit' is cut off and all I saw was a blue-stub on the right -- that I thought might have been something to do with dragging the top of the compose section up or down. I saw a message about it wanting more text in a post, and rapidly tried to hit escape to stop it being sent -- either my actions or a minimum length requirement stopped it from being posted.

    Finally I brought up the developer's tools and found that even though the bottom windows was marked to be resizable its height was set to be about 53% of the whole frame. I was able to edit that to 23%, and had acceptable proportions...I thought. Then noted the bottom window was really the same height, so had to find its size to make it larger as well... but then noticed....[a few other steps elided]. Somehow i think I was very much off the beaten track about the time I went into the dev tools, but such is life.

    How was I supposed to be able to resize the input window? I even saw some little 45 degree lines in the lower rt-corner of the window, that would normally indicate a window resize -- which it DID, but only for horizontal (sigh).

    And, of course, I have yet to post on the topic I meant to post on, instead, posting on how to do something seemingly trivial instead (double and/or triple sigh -- and I sometimes wonder why things take so long to get done... FWIW, Using opera 60.0.3255.109 on Win7x64.


  • @astara I don't think it's possible.

  • @leocg What is the purpose of the dark round circle with the up-down arrow inside on the left hand side?

    Do you have any idea if there was a design purpose in making the user's center of attention (the writing workspace) smaller than the section displaying unrelated titles? I mean, if it was text that you were replying to, that'd be one thing, but in composing a new note, I'm not sure why any space would be given over to unrelated headers of other topics.

    It really seems like that up-down circle thinging should have done something (?), (does it?). Would it be that difficult, do you think to fix something like that? It doesn't seem like rocket science compared to all the other auto-adjusting wizzy features in CSS these days. Even a slider bar that directly sets that % number would seem to be a way of implementing the feature even if not the most elegant.

    Or... was there some other design reason to put more emphasis on old subject/topic headers vs. space for comments that I'm, completely missing -- i.e. like in the old cartoon, with suggestion forums, filled with legalese, with a tiny box where it says please write your suggestion here-> ☐. Please print legibly.

    As a new user, you can only post once every 120 second(s) until you have earned 3 reputation - please wait before posting again

    I'm posting too often? Really?

  • Uhm....Why did part of my response get bolded/increased in size? 😩 😭

  • @astara The sequence of dashes above Error triggered it. I've fixed it.

  • @astara said in How to resize forum input window?:

    What is the purpose of the dark round circle with the up-down arrow inside on the left hand side?

    It seems to make the reply editor occupy the whole page instead of just the bottom.

  • @astara said in How to resize forum input window?:

    I'm posting too often? Really?

    It's an anti-spam/flood system.

  • Sure you can resize the input form. Drag that black circle with the double-headed arrow in it to adjust the vertical size. If you want to remove the preview pane, there is a gray text inside the pane that says "hide preview" - click on it. The input form can be as large as you want. (On mobile devices it tends to take up the whole screen - I constantly have to resize it. I don't need a full-screen input form on a 10" tablet!)

  • Hi everyone. Thanks for the useful information. I have spent so much time searching the internet before I found this thread 🙂