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Opera browser is slow

  • have a nice day,
    I compared the data download speed between EDGE, FIREFOX and my OPERA. The download speed is half. The OPERA browser has slowed down a lot. VPN is disabled. Do you have a solution? Here is a link to the measurement:

    EDGE: Upload speed : 67.86 Mb/s, Download speed: 86.10 Mb/s
    FIREFOX: Upload speed: 86.21 Mb/s, Download speed: 85.21 Mb/s
    OPERA: UPLOAD SPEED 26.77 Mb/s, DOWNLOAD SPEED: 28.99 Mb/s

  • @uuniversal
    Weird. I can't use your test server porperly (it is located on the other side of globe, gives me different numbers between 20 and 50 Mb/s), but using more local tests and servers I can max out my connection speed (60/60) easily.

    Have you perhaps installed some third-party network or security software, which may not know Opera to allow some exclusions for

  • @donq I reinstalled OPERA. I have no plug-ins. I don't have any
    ad-block. I've tried three browsers. OPERA is the slowest.

  • @uuniversal

    My results:

    Edge: Upload speed 2.72 Mb/s Download speed 12.40 Mb/s
    Chrome Canary: UPLOAD SPEED 2.85 Mb/s DOWNLOAD SPEED 41.70 Mb/s
    Opera developer 62: UPLOAD SPEED 2.39 Mb/s DOWNLOAD SPEED 14.11 Mb/s

    So upload speed seems the same for all of them but Chrome's download speed is way to fast.
    However I usually don't have download speed issues with Opera.

  • @uuniversal Do you have the adblocker enabled by chance?

    Here are my results with the adblocker turned off:

    UPLOAD SPEED 2.72 Mb/s DOWNLOAD SPEED 214.20 Mb/s

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