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Ctrl + 0 (zero)/Ctrl + 9 to send to the last tab

  • In almost every modern browser, there is a keyboard function (usually Ctrl + 9) that opens the final tab you have open in your window. In other browsers this is the keyboard shortcut I use the most when I'm changing tabs, because I don't have to count how many tabs I have open to guarantee I am sent to the final tab. Additionally, I frequently have more than 9 tabs open, and it is frustrating to have no way to access it without manually selecting the final tab. When I am doing any sort of work that involves opening several new tabs at once or opening new tabs in a row, it becomes necessary to be able to access that final tab. This functionality should be possible, since it is already possible to access the first 9 tabs. It isn't even necessary to turn it on by default - just having the option to choose to turn it on would be extremely useful!


  • It would make sense to have Cmd/Ctrl-0 to open the last tab, but not 9. If there were more than 9 tabs, #9 would be out of luck.

  • Seconded.

  • @concretable This may be true, but as @waalex notes, it's the default in nearly all other browsers that ctrl-9 goes to the last tab. Opera COULD opt to make it ctrl-0, but "sacrificing access to the 9th tab" with this key would make sense for compatibility.

    And like waalex, I do so wish it was an option in Opera. I'd get it if they wanted to keep the DEFAULT as it is, but we who come from other browsers should have the option to make this feature work like so many others do.

  • @carehart Ctrl+0 is already reserved for reset zoom (to 100%)

  • @asdfninethousand Yep, of course very good point. That's why we are asking instead that the more traditional ctrl-9 be used (even if it means losing the ability to access the "ninth" tab).

  • @waalex Do you know you can use Ctrl-Tab to switch tabs, that's a temporary solution.

  • @flynn-farrow I appreciate that people want to kindly offer workarounds, or explain why we who are requesting this might be sadly misguided. It seems it's usually from people who only open a few tabs at a time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Again, we're just asking for behavior normal to all other browsers.

    Consider someone who has many (dozens, or even hundreds) of tabs open. It IS possible, and no, the machine WON'T always crash (some of have lots of ram, and may have an organizational style that prefers keeping tabs open to closing them or bookmarking them).
    And in that case consider a person who may be on tab x, and do ctrl-t to create a new one, and then maybe use ctrl-1 to go back to a first tab, and then want to go back to that last newly created tab.

    Sure, if one has the default behavior to allow ctrl-tab to cycle to the previously used tab, that helps. But what if they visit 2 tabs and THEN want to go back to the last one. Or they may have changed the tab behavior (for other reasons) to NOT have ctrl-tab cycle back to the previously opened tabs. That probably is where this is more of an issue.

    I do, and hit this daily since trying opera again, so I notice this lack of ctrl+9, as do many others asking about it in these forums, in this post and others.

    And sure, one can use ctrl+1, then shift-ctrl-tab to "backup one". But why must we?

    Again, we're just asking that ctrl-9 work like in most browsers, to simply go to the last tab. Is sacrificing that key so bad? again what if it remains to default as it is, but can be changed for those preferring this?

    I suspect the divide may be as much about those who leave the default for ctrl-tab to cycle to recently opened tabs, rather than in their order on screen. Different strokes for different folks. But since that provision was made, this option for ctrl-9 to go to the last perhaps just better suits those who turn OFF "cycle tabs in most recent order".

  • Why would anyone need to have hundreds of tabs open? There are bookmarks that can save the pages where you want to return. The bookmarks use less resources than many tabs open at the same time.

  • @concretable sometimes itโ€™s easier to just have the pages cached than it is to open it again. regardless of whether or not you think it is useful to have many tabs does not mean that it should not be an option. even in situations where you have an arbitrary number of tabs more than 4, sometimes rather than counting the number of tabs you have you could just press ctrl+9 to reach the last one, since itโ€™s the most recent. I am not saying that it should be a permanent change, but your response supplies no reason the option should not be available.

  • I'm one of those users who regularly have dozens of tabs open. For example,

    • I regularly search the websites of online retailers for certain products. From their result lists with often many dozens of offers, I then open possibly interesting product pages in a new background tab (CTRL+CLICK) to look at them later.

    • Here in the Opera forum (and in other NodeBB-forums as well) I always let me show the unread- or recent-list to open the threads that interest me from there in background tabs.

    • Online searches on scientific topics often lead to dozens of cross-references that are opened in background tabs.

    Saving all these pages as bookmarks instead is, of course, nonsensical. And for me, implementing the proposal discussed here would be very helpful.

  • @yanta This is slightly off-topic, but you can middle-click links to open in new tab. It might be faster than pressing Ctrl. Just click the scroll wheel.

  • @concretable probably for the same reason that some people only scan a forum reply or email, and reply to it, raising an issue addressed already in what they didn't read. Different strokes...

  • Yes, i too second the thought to have Ctrl-9 shortcut for the Last Tab.
    Developers, please implement asap.

  • In Opera Developer, at the URL opera://settings/keyboardShortcuts, there's now "Switch to last tab". There's no shortcut set for it by default. But, to match other browsers, you can delete ctrl + 9 from "Switch to ninth tab" and add ctrl + 9 to the new "Switch to last tab".


  • It's in the changelog for Opera Stable now.

  • @burnout426 Thanks for the news, but I will say that I updated to the latest stable 77.0.4054.146 (Windows 10), and I did restart Opera, but I don't find any "switch to last tab" option listed in the shortcuts in settings.

    And while that bug list does indeed show this being fixed in this version (as ticket DNA-93637), I couldn't find any further details on it.

    Has anyone else gotten this to work?

    I'm really looking forward to it. Sure, it's one less than doing ctrl+1>shift-tab, but since I do work in multiple browsers on multiple machines (that are usually other than Opera), I would love to see this work as it does every else on my main browser. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @carehart Confirmed that "switch to tab" isn't shown in stable. Maybe it's an error in the changelog or something. Sorry. I'll keep you posted.

  • It was a mistake in the changelog. Sorry, the new shortcut is not in Opera Stable yet. I'll let you know when it is.