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Make selected tab more visible in dark mode

  • I think better solution would be to just come up with more themes 🙂

  • @Cayde said in Make selected tab more visible in dark mode:

    I think better solution would be to just come up with more themes 🙂

    The best solution would be to change the text as well as the background.

  • I like the Dark Skin, but on some situations I'm agree, it's difficult to find the active tab.

    For me, an under line or dot, would be simple and enough.

    1.- alt text

    2.- alt text

    3.- alt text

    4.- alt text

    5.- alt text

    🙄 ...

    6.- alt text

    7.- alt text

  • I think the selected tab should stand out like a sore thumb. Some Mozilla-derived browsers are still themable, and I have edited the themes I added to make sure that the selected tab had a completely different background colour.

  • @zalex108 Thanks for the replies.
    The "bar" under the text of the selected tab is a neat idea I think. Especially if you made both tab text and the bar bright white, plus adjusted the background grey 🙂

    More generally, sounds like a theme could be a good approach BUT (as per @concretable) I also think that the default dark theme should make the selected tab very obvious, which it does not currently especially on some displays.

  • Dark theme is too dark, I do not see the current tab, it makes it difficult to navigate through the open tabs. Make this a little bit lighter.

  • I totally agree. Sometimes I open several identical sites (wikipedia, for example) and accidentally close the wrong tab. Delivers a lot of inconvenience. I hope the developers will solve this problem, because I like the dark theme. The light theme is too bright for me, it is impossible to work with it even during the day.

  • Strong agree. I am having a huge amount of trouble seeing which tab is active and keep almost closing the wrong one. There's no harm in dialing up the shade of gray (or cyan-ish, whatever that is) used for the active tab and general upper browser area (bookmark bar, address bar, etc.). The color (0.20, 0.24, .028) AKA (51, 61, 72) AKA #323C46 looks great and is not too bright.

  • I totally agree.

  • I agree. It's one of my bugbears. A simple solution would be to do as Firefox does. E.g., have a blue bar at the top of the active tab.


    Windows does similar with the active applications on the task bar.


  • I think it is high time that the developers did something about the interface. I have sent bug reports twice with screen shots, and it has had no effect. I find it difficult to read the tab/toolbar interface at all, never mind telling which tab is selected in dark mode. The one thing that is easy to read is the context menu. Why nobody can seem to make the text in the toolbar area the same colour as in the context menu, I have no clue.

  • @concretable A lot of the time I have too many tabs open to read them anyway (69 right now). I do quite often make use of tab search, which I'd probably use. Typing just a part of the page title or site name is generally enough to find what you want. The incremental search works well.

    (I customised Opera so that the instant search does tab-search by default using F2).

  • This is also a problem for me. Please fix this.

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