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  • This feature was present until a recent update. Now the new tabs open on the rightmost position, which I find annoying, given the fact that I usually group the same kinds of tabs together; I now have to drag'n'drop them.

  • Cannot confirm. In Opera 60.0.3255.95 64-bit on Win 10 Pro, it works fine for me. If I'm on a page, right-click a link and choose "open in new tab", the new tab is created next to the parent tab and not at the end of the tab bar.

  • @burnout426 Oh my apologies, it is when I open a new tab by middle-clicking a bookmark. I should have checked...

  • I support this feature request. It seems there is no way to make opening new tabs next to currently active one the standard behavior.

  • If you open a page from a bookmark, presumably that has nothing to do with the current tab, so it goes to the end of the line. I expect that to happen, and it does.

  • Hey,
    even though your post is a few months old, already,
    its still at the top of the google search.
    Therefore here is a very simple quick solution.
    Install the addon SimpleTabOrder and you can set exactly
    what was been kicked in Opera settings.

  • Thank you, tonymalony.
    SimpleTabOrder is working now! I used "Classic Tab" before, but it stopped working.

  • The fact that you have to download an add-on to deal with a nonsensical issue that shouldn't exist in the first place is Hot Garbage .

    I'm a many-tabs-per-window browser user, and using opera right now on a single window with about 30 tabs open. When I click to open a new tab from the "main" tab that's all the way over to the left, sometime it will open immediately next to the "main" tab, sometimes it will open randomly in the sea of tabs I have open to the right. And I have no idea when either protocol is going to occur.

    Something else I have no idea about is the speeling in this paragraph as it's below the field of vision even though I'm typing this On The Opera Browser .

    WTF is wrong with you people? Amateurs isn't strong enough of a word...