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What is your Weather? :)

  • Cloudy, cool, about 34F, maybe getting to 31f for the low tonight.

    Moderate temps this weekend.

  • Till the end of December it's forecast not so much winter, but I see a month fc: the NY (it's not New York) week glimpses marvellous -

    29 Mon.-

    −14 snow
    −21 etc.-

    −20 good snow

    −20 good snow


    −16 snow

    −24 sun

    −23 sun

    −18 sun

  • Test...

  • It's getting cold. 😞

    Like 1 °C this morning and a few days ago -3 °C in the morning. I guess I move to Florida. Aren't Alligators tasty? 😃

  • It's warm here, Blackcoder - about -3°C*:D*
    And I even saw two snowpiles today - about 1cm thick and several inches wide*:lol:*

  • It's a great morning for slipping, sliding and ambulance riding. Not so great for driving, which is why I'm glad I'm sitting here and not driving in it.

    It's at freezing, rain/ice/sleet/snow. This morning's commute should be something else.

  • Temperatura: 1 °C

    Wilgotność: 95 %

    Ciśnienie Atmosferyczne: 990.1 hPa

    Siła wiatru: 0 m/s

    Kierunek wiatru: 68 °

    Opady deszczu: 0 mm

  • 0°C, cloudy,

    and we're facing such shitty weather for another week...
    Snow fell*🆙* though not much, but we're forecast for some snow tonight and for a couple next days*🆙* Hope it won't melt entirely.

  • Ahey! Snow's falling and's thickened*🆙*
    Temps slightly below zero C, gusts.

    It feels cosy when it's snowing*:)*

    ... gusts.

    O.O, they are - time to time...

  • +2 °C,

    Tomorrow they're forecasting a bit chillier, but then of about a week the same шit (even a 'chance of rain' on Saturday).

  • Rainy and cool, mid forties for a low.

  • Temperatura: 8.5 °C

    Wilgotność: 76.3 %

    Ciśnienie Atmosferyczne: 993 hPa

    Siła wiatru: 4.6 m/s

    Kierunek wiatru: 220.2 °

    Opady deszczu: 0 mm

  • Temperatura: -3 °C

    Wilgotność: 76.6 %

    Ciśnienie Atmosferyczne: 993.1 hPa

    Siła wiatru: 6.3 m/s

    Kierunek wiatru: 218.2 °

    Opady deszczu: 0 mm

  • Snow is melting, Raining 😞
    6°C in south germany

  • Freezing considerably, but not for long.
    We're having atmospheric pressure drunk driving, so follow the temperatures...

  • RHINELANDER-ONEIDA CO AIRPORT , WI, United States (KRHI) 45-38N 89-29W 485M
    Jan 06, 2015 - 04:53 AM EST / 2015.01.06 0953 UTC
    Wind: from the W (260 degrees) at 7 MPH (6 KT):0
    Visibility: 10 mile(s):0
    Sky conditions: partly cloudy
    Temperature: -13.0 F (-25.0 C)
    Windchill: -29 F (-34 C):2
    Dew Point: -18.0 F (-27.8 C)
    Relative Humidity: 77%
    Pressure (altimeter): 30.15 in. Hg (1020 hPa)
    ob: KRHI 060953Z AUTO 26006KT 10SM SCT120 M25/M28 A3015 RMK AO2 SLP264 T12501278
    cycle: 10

  • Cold. More cold. The son of cold. Cold that will not leave.

    A high of maybe 13 F today under clear skies, tonight it gets to -5 F, not terribly warm tomorrow.

    An Alberta Clipper blew through here last night, left behind 6 inches of snow and all this cold. Cold until the weekend at least. Winter in Northern Illinois, gotta love it.

  • Temperatura: -6.2 °C

    Wilgotność: 59.1 %

    Ciśnienie Atmosferyczne: 1004 hPa

    Siła wiatru: 2 m/s

    Kierunek wiatru: 142.9 °

    Opady deszczu: 0 mm

    Temperature: -13.0 F (-25.0 C)

    In the refrigerator warmer 😉

  • Very warm.
    +6 °C, fog, melting snow.

  • -16°C, clear night.
    Expecting globalsome warming about to happen, though... 💣

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