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What is your Weather? :)

  • Around 32º C here, sunny.

  • @leocg Had any snowman lately? 😃

  • @joshl When it starts snowing here, you can be sure that the end is near. 😃

  • -14c here and the big lake is freezing over this year. Lots of snow to the South of here.
    Please send some of that 32c this way...

  • @s390g2 I wish I could trade part of the heat in here for part of the cold in there.

  • Seems to be working here today: 5.6 °C. Very nice 🙂

  • @s390g2 Depends on whether you've got some sleet recently.
    To me, near zero centigrade hither-thither temps are the worst. Now we have lots of snow, plus city services drop special faeces on the road, so if it's near zero, we kinda plough in poop here. Especially if it's windy and overcast, feels like Jotunheim or some limbo...
    Thank goodness, it's still -9 here, and the special road poop isn't too wet.

  • @joshl I know what you mean with the roads, very messy they were. On the frozen lake, though, it was splendid. Not much melt there yet. Many people fishing and riding the machines.
    Your -9 seems just about good for this time of year - hope it stays stable.

  • @joshl In the US, many areas mix whatever is the cheapest and most available "filler" with the road-salt to spread and extend it. In the old "rust-belt" areas where they make/made steel, the cheapest filler is crushed black cinder from the steel furnaces and coke ovens. That stuff gets all over cars, streets, sidewalks, building walls... an utter mess, particularly if it gets on light-colored clothing. It makes me glad I no longer live in those areas... here we just use a tan-colored sand as filler. 😉

  • Severe storm here last night/dawn. Some areas were flooded and/or ran out of electricity, trees fell and a bicycle path collapsed.

  • Leo, Hollywood says disasters only happen in the US, primarily in NYC and LA.:)
    Well, on a rare occasion some aliens or a supervillain destroys Europe. But Brazil is safe.

  • This post is deleted!
  • Getting to the summer.
    Not all at once, of course, but in steps:)
    Night temps are primarily above 0°C, day temps mostly top 10°:)
    Mostly sunny and not humid.🙂

  • That's awesome, joshl.
    Wisconsin had a blizzard over the weekend. Some places got .76 meters of snow. We got .5 meters, so no Springtime here this year.

  • 12° C today. Melting fast.

  • Finally beginning to look like Spring around here. Just 2 days ago we had snow, though some of the earlier lilies were up (not blooming, just showing leaves). Mind you, we did have violets already. But now the Lillie's are actually blooming, and some of the trees are starting to leaf up.

  • @sgunhouse Probably won't see that here for another few days, but looking forward to it. Hit 60 °F /15 °C for the first time this year today and the remaining snow is just evaporating. A big difference one week can make. Who knows, maybe there are some Lillies or something sprouting under the snow...

  • We actually hit 70 earlier this year, but it snowed 2 days later. We did hit 60 today.

  • Steve, get a picture? Is it in your garden or something?

    3.6°C now and sunny. Forecast gives us some slow steady rise in temps for the next 10 days: nights will have climbed above 0, days won't reach 20s yet...
    A few days with "chance of rain"...

    I saw some buds the other day. On a bush aside the pavement here...
    I haven't put out my warm jackets yet. Though hey - people heard thunder yesterday or something. Had to put on my "wet" boots that day.
    I actually like rainy-stormy, have to worry about not catching a cold nowadays though:)

  • Picture of what? The violets are in the back yard, the flowers are next door, and the trees are everywhere. No, the snow is gone, if you wanted a picture of that you're too late.

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