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What is your Weather? :)

  • It's raining, and I like that*:)*

    The current air temperature outboard is like 🙂

  • Still raing. A good wet rain - not WAY too heavy, but still. Steady-like.
    Because the sky is not fully overcast - that's why: it started as a "blind" rain even - half the sky was bright...

  • It's been raining and even storming at times here within about an hour plus. Still raining - moderately. +13 to 14 centigrade.
    Huh, here's our forecast:

  • Here in Mexico is 30° Celsius a little hot, clear sky, perfect to have a cold drink and a pool.
    This day could be a good day to have fun whit family or friends, make some reunion or camping some beautiful place. enjoy this day. 30° max:35° min:23° sun

  • Windy and around 5°C, rather clear sky at the moment though it drizzled around noon today.

  • Half past 4 PM, sunset's due to ~6, but it's like the dim light comes from some side(s), floppy snow just appeared falling kinda clunky... clearing (the precip; and the dimness has slightly shifted aside)... No visible wind; +3°C.

    it's not snowing now, subtle wind trying to attempt...
    PS: The winding attempts seem failing...

  • Wet snow's been falling. Sun's come out now...

  • Wind gets to blowing time to time in its futile attempts to tear away the rather abundant still green remains of the foliage.
    The sky is fully covered with kinda unevenly think grey wadding of amorphic blanketing cloud.

    Update: the sky manages to glow through the cloud, though nobody can tell if it's its definitive decision or just a stray straw poked through the cloud...

  • A sky spot against my window is blueing quite nicely and the sun has come out shining rather vigorously.
    Light wind now and then, about +2~2.5°C*:)*

  • My iPhone app says "30C" (just was out: it didn't feel such - for the air was somehow moving). They 'promise' "32°C / 16°C 32°C / 17°C 31°C / 16°C" for the rest of the week, and mostly sunny (and dry).

  • Magaretz, where are you?
    Atacama Desert?🙂

  • The weather is not exactly the sort I would prefer: wet overcast, blanketed altogether, dull autumn weather; no day without drizzling.
    Pressure dropping caused me feeling ill yesterday: I went out to breethe, thus making myself better... It was something falling from the above placed wet-white blanket, mostly drizzle with some as-if droplets of show or ice in it - immediately melting anyway.

    Seems the same today. Looking forward to show and winter.

  • Temperatures dropped below zero (C); it's started snowing just now even*:smurf:*
    It is forecast we'll be having some wet yet, though the forecast seems o'k further ahead_8)_

  • The sky is still covered, slightly below 0°C (-1 or sompm), but it started snowing this morning, quite nicely still is*:)*.

  • Sunny & bright, dry, around 0°C.
    Expected short winter tail, then it might seem we'll warm up.

  • It's been marvellous today.
    First snow started falling. Then it stopped. Then again - with strong wind, looking like a blizzard and even storm at times. Then the sun came out wonderfully illuminating the results :happy:

  • Raining today here. Intermittently - right word?
    Thundershowers recently, and being forecast further through the nearest week or so. Every other day. 😃

  • Temperatures cooled. Forecast for not long, but still chilling.
    Meter says 12 degrees C.

  • Raining today.

    Temps slightly rising, but pressure might seem a bit dropping.

  • Here we're having some epic thunderstorm. Well, it thundered epically - once, now it's much-much calmer :rolleyes:

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