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What is your Weather? :)

  • In this thread, we're expected to share if it's raining, or hot, or whatever in the place we live/are.
    Also it's allowed to discuss relative issues, like generally, how people should feel in various conditions. Let's touch something lateral, too -- like what our climate/conditions should be like/used to be, etc.

  • Well, it's about 8pm already, but the temp is still up to 28°C.
    Moreover, for the next three days we're expected to have day highs over 30, and up to 20 at nights.

    We had unusually little precipitation this spring, with just wrongly low air humidity. They forecast rain time to time - but those expectations have most often failed so far. (Next week is forecast to deliver us quite a bunch of rainy days - we'll see)

  • We had rain today. Spring? Not sure we really had one this year ...

    Headline in the paper yesterday said May was the first month this year to have above average temperature - the previous 4 were all cooler than normal. We had snow the week before Easter - unusual for April in these parts. Looks like the farmers finally got everything planted, but the crops are nowhere near as far along as they should be for the first week in June.

    Tomorrow - or today technically, it is after midnight - should be sunny and fairly cool; low 70s on the Fahrenheit scale, call it 22 C or thereabouts.

  • The web therm says "30C" (just was out: it didn't feel such - for the air was somehow moving).
    They 'promise' "32°C / 16°C 32°C / 17°C 31°C / 16°C" for the rest of the week, and mostly sunny (and dry).

  • It would have to be ... having lived both in a desert and here, the change in temperature from day to night is related to the humidity and cloud cover. With a range of 16C (about 30F) it has to be dry and sunny. Mind you, 32C (90F) isn't a terrible temperature - again, for someone who has lived in a desert.

  • Well, we haven't.
    We locals have been used to much more humid climate. Of course if it's humid and hot - not good. The problem is that we haven't got enough moisture in absolute account for long - the average is simply ridiculous!
    Though the flora doesn't seem to do bad at all in the area. Maybe that we have some underground aquatics, and a water reservoir (elevated - with a dam).

    Still +30°C, some clouds though, no mentionable wind, hum.=26%.

  • I've heard that the global climatic system had become fractured (clustered) - due to the humans' extensive "exploration" of the Earth's surface: huge urban/industrial conglomerations make the "sixth ocean" divided into much less "lakes" and sees - which less interact with each other.
    It's like to cut the Pacific in pieces with dams in all directions.:yuck:

    So major atmospheric processes can move quite ok, while usual continental patterns get interrupted. Thus local climates tend to shift to their possible extremes: moisture can't get very far from the place of its origin, and by the sea you'll get drowned, while far from any major water you can get droughts - regardless of your past memories that "those winds brought us our lovely rains".

  • For the next week, one of our forecasters just pledges us paradise: moderate (even a couple 17 highs), with occasional rains (starting this Sunday (storm&rain (heavy))(I like rainstorms)).

  • "+23 °C"?
    They're showing for the evening, but I can barely see a decent cloud yet...:left:

  • We had rain in the morning, then it cleared up nicely ... also cooled down. Not that it was all that warm, but it was only supposed to get to 66F (19C) - somewhat cool for June in these parts.

  • Too, it's rained eventually. Rained all morning - I slept it through. Sky's cleared now.

    You know what? Maybe I dreamt it? The tarmac down there seems perfectly dry...🇭🇲

  • It's got much cooler here. It's rained todays again.

  • 10:08 (a.m), cloudly rainy day here.

  • Is it good or bad?

  • Supposedly raining here, according to radar. Doesn't sound like it. Currently 70F/21C

  • Supposedly raining here, according to radar. Doesn't sound like it.

    Are you in a bunker or what?

  • No, but as I sleep in the morning all my curtains are closed. I'll hear rain on the roof if it is heavy enough, or against the windows if it is windy enough - but it wasn't either of those. In fact, it wasn't even heavy enough to call it rain in my book - almost more of a mist than anything.

  • Do you know what is some "dew point" for in some weather reports/forecasts? I can't see what influence it makes on our weather perception, if any.

  • It is a way to measure humidity. More precisely, it is the temperature that an object would have to be for water to condense on it. However, by looking at the partial pressure of water at that temperature versus at your actual temperature you can determine relative humidity. (Usually dew point is measured by a "wet bulb thermometer", but I'm sure Wikipedia must have an article about it.)

    Of course, if the air temperature drops below the "dew point", you will get dew.

  • So, they use it in place of those per cent?
    I guess it could be deemed more universal - as relative per cent humidity can't be shown higher than 100.