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  • I think it no need more explanation, it's kinda boring when you activate the "Show News" button on Appareance (Start page) and it just show news that nobody are interested in, so, what about if you bring us what we really want to watch on Start page? Hurry up, because some other browsers may will bringing this first.

  • I agree. Now, after a recent update, the sidebar can only be either sticky or disabled. So I have to enable it every time I want to check up on RSS. If you want to cripple the sidebar functionality - that's fine by me, as long as you provide other options.
    And since the Start page icons take less real estate now with no option to scale them, you might at least let us utilize all that empty space, for personal news for example.

  • I agree... I wanna read on start page the relevant news, the subscribed RSS feeds, and not the collection of totally not relevant stuffs...
    And not democratic thing, when someone else (example Opera team) selecting my news sources... The news companies long long time not independent companies, and filtering the facts or manipulationg, or hiding (on every political or economical side) the real happenings... Also pushing in to viewers/readers face totally advertising like informations (example real estate) and lie about that as "news" but in fact just wanna sell to me things, and wanna take my money... Sneaky advertising is unfair business model. Originally the internet about freedom, and democracy, and for finding the true, and for free information exchange... Need go back to roots, I want back my freedom...
    Older sidebar (with only on start page function) was more comfortable... I dont understand the "New Shiny Future, and the Next Generation" sllogans why need all time less and less opportunity, customisation potential, and function???
    Sarcastic question, but the shiny future is the less smart? Less opportunity? cause if my future is less opportunity, that is sad... Humanity back to caves?

    But without this problems, thic verson is very cool, I like 🙂
    Thank you Yours hard work!

  • The personal news thing is nice but useless since it doesn't show any notification.

    It would be great if you could put them on the speed dial in place of the random news.