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Dark Theme on Opera 60

  • I miss having a dark sidebar and light everything else...

  • No wonder they have all sorts of colour issues. I have a similar problem for white theme in Opera 60 on a mac. Dark mode colour on Mac is terrible too

  • Opera UI team goes the right way with dark theme. Below I go on why.

    Beside the details (about contrastness, font, shade of gray/dark which is trivial for me, and I don't really bother much to focus on), I think the core of a proper Dark theme (in any browser) is universal appearance. Which means it is supposed to be universally dark, not some part of UI dark, some other parts while/bright. The way they went with mixed dark/bright tone is kind of mistake in development process back then. Even Win10 also has universal dark theme in their newest update where file explorer, apps, etc... got dark tone. It's just the essence of design. You get used to the mixed dark/bright user interface because you got exposed to it for long time, it doesn't mean it's right way to do thing.

    All other browser will end up to Dark theme where thing is universal dark (in Firefox even there's a separated css custom package to make every part of FF UI dark in universal way,, and it got significant amount of users base). Here, we got this thing build-in on official release of Opera, and there're still complains?... I'm fine with what they provide/release.
    ShadowFox UI customization

    I can agree about contrastness, shade of gray (whether it is blueish gray/ dark gray or whatnot), etc.. other details because for me they're trivial details. The core thing is universal dark, not partly or unfinished dark theme. Full dark theme is the proper way to go.

  • @nnq2603 Just look at your screenshot and look at that Opera UI team did. ShadowFox is another good example of a dark theme implementation.

    It's OK that the dark theme affects all UI.

    But I would prefer an option that makes the dark theme affect only Sidebar*, Address bar and Tabs. The old version of Opera works almost the same way.
    This approach makes working with bright sites comfortable.

    *And allow use Sidebar only on the browsers pages (Speed-dial, Bookmars, etc), like it was in Opera 58. I do not need it on common web pages.

  • @jasonzak said in Dark Theme on Opera 60:

    I miss having a dark sidebar and light everything else...

    Same here, I loved the contrast. It was the most beautiful browser ever. And they killed it. All that hype for nothing. It's going to be revolutionary, they said.

    Instead, they gave us a horrible (re)design, slow speed dial (seriously, why butcher one of the best features? plus, dials are way too small now), not to mention TONS of inconsistencies and really weird decisions. My love for Opera is running on fumes right now. They need to start fixing things, and fast.

    Oh, and more direct communication between them and us, the users who are passionate and care about Opera, would be really nice.

  • I don't know if they have done a good job regarding the theory of the design. However I personnaly hate this new dark mode. The distinction between the bluish color of the nav bar and most websites in dark mode is ugly and new bookmarks are awful, black and white square ? really ?!


  • I like this Dark Theme, especially slightly different color of address bar, but the context menu is bad 😞 It is too contrasting and I would appreciate, if it could be light again.

  • I'm right there with you, 100% on any monitor the blue looks terrible and the context menus look like trash. Honestly as someone who deploys opera to hundreds of machines, I think the new look is far from professional and not serviceable as a professional recommendation.

    In any dark theme it is critical to not use a color, it either needs to be white, black or any shade therein because of their neutrality that will complement or contrast any other content. Blue does not complement any other pages than white, and looks absolutely abhorrent on dark websites. neutral tones, here, not primary colors, you have from 00000 to FFFFFF to work with.

    Honestly I cant express how much I dislike the look of the new design, and honestly am seriously considering changing to Firefox on that principle alone.

  • @anonan said in Dark Theme on Opera 60:

    Omg, the black context menu looks terrible on most of the sites that have a light theme

    The list of the last downloads looks not so good too.

    I agree, the context menu should be dark or gray, and not black, it doesn't match the dark browser theme

  • Can Opera reverse the decision to paint this browser white and black, now that Microsoft has released Edge on Mac too it becomes a compelling decision to stick with Opera unless it stays a user preferred one

  • this new dark is just really
    Can we have a dark grey? or at least some options?

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