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GMX doesn't load after recent Opera update

  • Since the above..just a few days ago...Opera won't load my GMX email account from speed dial.?? least 95%+ of the time.

    Yet Google Chrome loads it immediately ALWAYS...?

    I've had no issues with this prior to the recent update.

    Any clues.?

  • Hi @neild1212, it seems to be related to this statement: "We're sorry but we have decided to drop support for Speed Dial extensions effective with the release of Opera 60. With Chromium 73 (supporting Opera 60), changes in code are so big that we are forced to completely rewrite the implementation and re-invent the API." - the source link.

  • Thanks...don't quite understand it DOES load sometimes.!..and I have no issues with any other links on my speed dial.?

  • A bookmark or regular speed dial should load. If you used a speed dial extension, it should simply be gone. So in that sense sounds more like a cookie issue - clear your cookies for that sight then see if you can log in normally.

  • @sgunhouse ..thanks....I do that every night...and today it seems to be loading far.!!

  • Back to square one.!...GMX not loading again this is so intermittent...sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't.
    Another Opera update this morning and that hasn't made any difference either.

  • Does the page loads if you type its address in the address bar?

  • @leocg ...would you believe...sometimes yes...and sometimes No...all working ok this morning...but usually it fails at some point during the day.
    It is SO intermittent....though it never fails when I use my Chrome browser.

    Been with Opera for many years...never had this kind of issue's just irritating that I have to go to Chrome to access this one thing.
    I have no issues with any other of my speed dial links...just GMX...?

  • So it seems that the problem is with the page loading itself and has nothing to do with the fact that you are opening it from speed dial.

    If you use an extension to change the user agent for that site, does it load fine?

  • @leocg ...........??...I have no idea what that means.....why does it work sometimes and not others.?...why do I have no problem with Chrome.?..only Opera.

  • It's actually been more consistent today..and I've found that if it doesn't load then if I come out of it and go in usually does the second time.
    So I'll live with that.

  • A site can be setup to work only or better with a specific browser, it can send different information to different browsers, so they may act differently.

  • Hi @neild1212, I assumed, that you use some SD extension for GMX service. If that is not a case, and if it happens like you said sometimes, perhaps it occurs, when you use Opera's VPN?

  • I have the same or at least a similar probleme.

    It started relatviely normal with GMXMail Check telling me to delete the Cache and I could still see my e-mails when I used this extension.

    Deleting the Cache didn't help at all. I (also) deleted and reinstalled the extension - now I can't use GMX at all.

    When I want to use the extension to log in I can't even write the password.
    When I try to log in normally I can write the password BUT I can't get to my mails. GMX doesn't stop loading.