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  • There is an unwritten internet rule: The Mod Is God.

    But it's not inviolate. I have a bone to pick with the moderation of the Mac forum... shutting down threads because the mod falsely believes no search was done. I won't go into all the details here, but Opera Mac seems to have serious functionality gaps, and while the issues have been "discussed" in a childish "Does too!" "Na Uhh!" way, answers on how to restore the gaps or whether they're real are non-existent or, in some cases, obsolete - the fixes don't work anymore either... but you'd have to dig through hundreds of posts to find that out.

    This posting will probably be removed. Heck, I may even get banned for bringing this up. But closing threads and banning users is supposed to be, in real information exchanges, an extreme measure. rafaelluik is resorting to extreme measures rather than allowing and aiding actual information exchange. Which may be why so little forum activity occurs.

    I note there's no official feedback mechanism on moderators, at least not easily-found, though rafaelluik might claim I didn't search correctly - I did find lots of complaints about censorship and aggressive thread-closing.

  • I replied to your topic but I wasn't the one who closed it. (I'm not stating I'm against the moderator who closed it. When I close topics I post the link to the topic where the same issue was discussed before, but since your thread asked for pretty obvious to find info the mod who closed it probably didn't think about doing that.)

    And pretty funny that you say you found complaints about censorship. (Now you are "good" at searching?) And from these complaints, have you researched to check if they were legit?
    Please drop the drama. I haven't banned you. No one searching for help has been banned. No threads have been deleted except for a well-known troll who got in the way of everybody in this forum who has been banned recently.

    Please check my new reply at your old topic, I reopened it and so I can show you how searches do find the answers you were looking for.