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General Chat

  • @blackbird71

    Bought some soil and finer drenage and outpotted those yesterday.
    Yes, they sat rather deep. Almost touched the dieff's root, had to extract some MT not very carefully, but planted all, managed to separate their root parts.

  • Well, it sounds pretty fair so far. If they're going to make it, things should be apparent in about a week or so, otherwise the leaves will start to show stress (wilt, droop, etc). Just keep an eye on watering... it can be a bit tricky to get it right without over-watering. If your soil and pots drain well, that shouldn't be much of a problem though. As the plants get bigger, they get more forgiving about the water (though they'll never tolerate standing in wet soil for long periods).

  • ...otherwise the leaves will start to show stress (wilt, droop, etc). Just keep an eye on watering... it can be a bit tricky to get it right without over-watering.

    Some do look limp - the leaves. Others not.
    Well, I made the soil wet - perhaps not enough?
    Drainage is good. The surface doesn't look moisty in places. Should I water them again now?

  • I'd poke a finger down in the soil about an inch or so away from the plant stem and see how damp the soil looks down there. If it's damp, don't re-water yet. On small plants, the soil tends to dry out from the surface downward since the roots' water uptake is still low, hence it's easy to over-water by just looking at the surface. The plants with limp leaves are probably showing some root-damage stress, and they may recover with time if they put out new feeder roots. The way roots work is that they require moisture primarily to make dissolved soil nutrients accessible, and too much water can actually drown the root cells.

  • My finger felt like 30 to 40 per cent humidity, though I usually do it with pencils. By the time you read it, it'll be 25% or less, central heating on, temperature fluctuates between +17 and +20, approximately, centigrade. I've had an advise for some other plants that one shouldn't soak freshly potted plants whose root system's young, or even non-existent somehow: the soil should be moist but not wet, so that the plants knew there's water here, and they developed their roots. There's no need in higher amounts of water since their green parts are very small - right?

  • That's essentially correct.

  • advise

    Oops! It happens*:)*

  • What will "Happy New Year!" be in Gaelic?
    Scottish Gaelic will do*:)*

    It's Samhain today, or yesterday, these days around. The celebration being Celtic Turn of the Year actually.
    Helloween later originated from Samhain, got settled at November 1. Samhain is actually a tad later. About on this week, November 4-like.

  • Trump?

  • That's President Trump to you. 😛

  • "I thought his first name was Agent" :norris:

  • My mom had her knee surgery yesterday and she's feeling just fine. In fact, she no longer has to wear crutches tomorrow and she's going to start walking along with wearing a smaller bandage.

  • How about some reunion here on this coming Christmas?
    I'm not religious, at all, but listening to the radio maybe, it seems the Christmas Spirit has been catching up with me :lol:

  • I see many people posted links here. It's not considered spam?

  • @wealthcanada:

    apparently posting bona fide links to add further information is acceptable and appreciated, while spam will be deleted and @leocg will swing his banhammer without mercy.

  • I see many people posted links here. It's not considered spam?

    It depends on the link and on the context in which that link is posted.

  • I removed one link from his first post since it was the same as his username - it looked like he was just trying to cleverly hide spamming for his own site. If you identify something as your own site and are specific about how it "doesn't work" we will accept that.

  • Hello!
    Last night decided to tune in to a station for a good sleep, took this Absolute Radio 60s -- it was awesome! \m/

  • Absolute Radio 60s

    Checked without luck:

    "Dear visitor,
    You appear to be in a country where this service is not available. Please click here for more information.
    The Absolute Radio Team."

    Blocked location access and testing some extensions do not work either...
    I'll stay with Pandora :sing:

  • No, you try

    Alternatively, if you find me on Facebook, I'll send you a zip with a few hundred my saved stations, 90% operable.

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