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Opera for Windows Keeps Freezing

  • Opera Forums Post
    I have a problem with the Opera Web Browser for Windows. It always freezes. Every 5 seconds it freezes and it's really annoying. I've tried installing beta version and it doesn't help. It also happens to Google Chrome as well. I've clean uninstalled and reinstalled and it doesn't help, I've also installed to current user instead of all users and it still freezes. The only solution that works is disabling hardware acceleration, but it becomes really slow with it disabled.

    System Specs:
    CPU: Intel Core i7-7700HQ
    RAM: 8GB 2133mhz
    SSD: Samsung 960EVO 256GB
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 (M) 2GB
    OS: Windows 10 October Update 1809

    I also have Java 191 64bit, Java 10.0.2 and .NET Framework 4.7.2.

  • If it also happens with Chrome, then it may be a Chromium issue.

    Any difference if you disable hardware acceleration?

  • @leocg As I mentioned in the post, disabling hardware acceleration does fix the issue, but in turun the browser becomes very slow. I also forgot to mention that Chrome Beta does work smoothly.

  • @alex957 *turn

  • Does Chrome Canary allow you to keep hardware acceleration enabled without freezing?

    @alex957 said in Opera for Windows Keeps Freezing:

    Nvidia GTX 1050 (M) 2GB

    Make sure you have this driver and try again.

  • @burnout426 In my previous post I mentioned that Chrome Beta (with hardware acceleration) is working smoothly, that is not the case as I just tested it again and it is freezing with hardware acceleration. Same with Canary. I'm installing the drivers now and will get back to you as soon as I can.

  • I uninstalled the drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller in safe mode and then reinstalled them after a reboot. It didn't fix the issue but I noticed that in safe mode (when the graphics drivers are disabled) Opera was working with no freezes. I have a speculation that my integrated Intel HD630 graphics are the issues. I'm uninstalling them now and will see if the problem goes away.

  • Opera ran fine (sorta) after uninstalling Intel HD Graphics. It still froze but the top ui and sidebar didn't (basically only the web page froze). But then Windows butted in and reinstalled the drivers and it isn't working again. So it wasn't working properly with or without Intel HD Graphics drivers.

  • I've finally fixed it! :D. The issue was AdGuard (an adblocker). I was using the non extension version and when I disabled it Opera ran perfectly! Thanks so much to everyone who helped with the situation!

  • Topic closed as solved.