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  • I was wondering about the folder location of Opera Mail emails, contacts and preferences. I thought I changed the location of the emails and omailbase.dat is there upon a restart as well as the indexer folder. But my email messages aren't there anywhere. Do I need to physically copy them over from the previous location? Is this easy to mess up? They're very important. And do I need to copy the Preferences and Contact files over too or will Opera Mail do that for me if I change their location?

  • The way it works is that you close down Opera Mail and edit operaprefs.ini (see about:opera for the location of it and the mail directory). Under the [Mail] section in operaprefs.ini (add the section if it's not there), you set the Mail Root Directory line (add it if it's not there) to the path you want.

    For example:

    Mail Root Directory=drive:/my stuff/mail

    Then, before you start Opera Mail again, move your "mail" folder to drive:\my stuff so that the path is "drive:\my stuff\mail".

    Then, everything will work fine.

    contacts.adr and wand.dat (your passwords) you leave alone and don't move unless you also set:

    AddressFile=path to contacts.adr
    [User Prefs]
    Wand Storage File=path to wand.dat

    and move those files to the new spots before starting Opera back up.

    Other parts of Opera Mail's profile will still be at their default spots. Same with operaprefs.ini (which contains the global mail settings). You really don't want to move operaprefs.ini when you have a standard install.

    There are other path settings for those, but if you're going to do all that, you might as well just create a standalone installation with the installer on the drive and path you want and then overwrite its files with your existing ones to basically convert your setup to a standalone installation.

  • To clarify a little bit more, when you change the location for mail, you change the location for the whole mail folder and move the whole mail folder. You don't yank only parts of it out and move them to another spot. omailbase.dat, index.ini, the indexer files and everything in the mail folder must travel together.

    If your messages are not in the new mail folder location, then should be in the old location, which should be "C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\local\Opera\Opera\mail". The actual messages should be in the "store" folder.

    Also see <