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Autofill suggest ancient email

  • Are those logins stored in the passwords manager?

  • @leocg I have never even typed those email adresses on the computer, let alone used them to log in anywhere, using them as usernames.

    I have checked the saved passwords in opera nonetheless, there is nothing there.

    Two of the freemail adresses are totally nondescript, i.e. not containing my name, they have been cancelled 10 years ago (my computer is younger than that).

    The two work email adresses, which have been discontinued 15 years ago, list my surname only, a surname I have changed 13 years ago. Information about that employer has not been entered on facebook.

    Google search doesn't bring up anything that would suggest freely available (and current) data has been used.

  • @leocg I have located the file, where the email adresses are stored.

    The file name is "Web Data" and its location is:
    "C:\Users*_*\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable".

    (The file lists my instagram password in plain text, for some reason.)

    Can anyone tell me how to make sense of the content of this document?

  • Web Data is where things like typed email addresses, custom search engines, among others are stored.

  • @leocg So, the verdict is that I must have typed those adresses (altthough I have no recollection of it) between now and 2015 (when the file was created), and somehow this information has now suddenly been pulled up, from one day to the next.

    Thank you, I guess this is about it.

  • @tbrem The only thing of concern is the inclusion of my Instagram password as plain text in the "Web Data" file. Why would that happen?

  • In which field it's stored? Maybe you've typed it in an insecure field at some point?

  • You should be able to clear the autofill data by going to the URL chrome://settings/autofill and then clicking the 3 dots to the right of each entry to edit or remove. (I see you already found your stored passwords at chrome://settings/passwords.)

  • @leocg Hm, how would I know ... 😉
    In the file, it says Password and then my password follows. (There are some weird characters around that, of course.)

    Clearing the data was no problem, thank you all.

  • I thought you may had seen it when you found your data in that file.

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