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[Solved]Does this site work for anyone or is it just me it doesnt ?

  • @leocg dunno about chrome dont use it
    but as maxthon provides the features opera doesnt
    its making me make a choice
    i like opera but its like a nice car that will only let you drive on certain roads and as such i prefer a crappier one that doesnt restrict me

  • Do you have Flash for Chromium based browsers installed?

  • @leocg Flash is installed and works ok with the sites other content. see the previous post by burnout maybe it is an iframe thing i dont know. All i know is it works fine in maxthon

  • Works fine here for me in Opera Version:57.0.3098.106 but I have the Flash for chromium installed for a while now so I'd say all you need to do is goto the Adobe flash website and download and install the latest version of flash for chromium browsers

  • @athlonite I have flash for chrome installed but the site just wants to download a .swf instead of opening it

  • @Ceedee

    Set opera://flags/#enable-ephemeral-flash-permission to disabled and relaunch Opera.

    Goto opera://settings/content/flash make sure "Allow sites to run Flash" is enabled and make sure "Ask first" is disabled. Then, make sure there's nothing in the allow/block lists.

    Also, make sure Opera's adblocker, VPN and Turbo are turned off.

    Also, make sure all your extensions are disabled (for this test at least).

    Then goto

    Does it work then?

    It's the "Allow sites to run Flash" without "asked" enabled that makes it work in Opera. The ephemeral option is just to stop Flash asking you each time and isn't really needed when ask is not enabled. The ephemeral flag is going in newer versions of Opera anyway.

    Having "asked" enabled and putting the site in the "Allow" list isn't enough to make it work. Ask has to be disabled. Note that in other Chromium browsers, you can't disable "ask" anymore (Opera added the option back in), so this will only work with Opera. Loading the source of in chrome://extensions in Chrome makes the site work in Chrome though.

  • @burnout426 progress but not quite there yet
    it now loads i see a progress bar at bottom but it sticks at 90
    did both the settings tweaks you mentioned
    adblocker vpn and turbo disabled

  • @ceedee Hmm, it's loading all the way for me and I get to the background with the windmill etc.

  • @burnout426 Fixed it you are a star
    had to do one more step
    clear temp internet files
    now it works
    kudos burnout426 owe you buddy

  • @burnout426

    Typical opera just autoupdated and its broke again
    Im so fed up with this crap
    Opera portable still works though
    Ill just uninstall opera i think
    stick to the portable which doesnt update itself or alter things every 5 mins

    maybe a little explanation about me and why i am so anal about this issue and other "silly" things
    I suffered a couple of strokes about 5 years ago which left me severly memory disfunctanal and i rely heavily on things like opera to remember for me
    any changes and i freak out a bit
    a simple unwanted addition to my start page causes me anxiety and screws with me
    anyway just a explanation of why im like i am

  • @ceedee said in Does this site work for anyone or is it just me it doesnt ?:

    Typical opera just autoupdated and its broke again

    Hmm, my Opera updated to 57.0.3098.110 and the site is still working. I checked my settings and they're still the same.

    Did it turn "Ask" back on for Flash? Maybe try disabling "Allow sites to run Flash" and then enable it again. If "Ask" is still off, try turning it on and back off.

  • @burnout426 it does the loading to 90 thing
    but doesnt get past that I will try what you suggest and report back

    Something odd I have allow flash on
    ask first off
    disabled the ephemaral thing you said

    it puts a plugin blocked in the address bar everytime i go to tinman
    if i click that and select run this time it loads and sticks at 90

  • Chromium is in process of deprecating support for Flash and it will be more and more hard to play Flash content as time goes.

  • @ceedee said in Does this site work for anyone or is it just me it doesnt ?:

    it puts a plugin blocked in the address bar everytime i go to tinman

    Chromium (and therefore Opera) blocks small Flash elements on a page (less then 6 x 6 for Flash elements on the same domain). When this happens, you'll get that notification where you can temporarily allow it. But, a lot of times, the small Flash object being blocked is for an ad or something and not the main Flash object. You can try my Always Load Flash extension at if you want, which will work around that and always load Flash.

    it does the loading to 90 thing

    Clearing the cache again fix it?

  • @burnout426 clearing cache ineffective
    i rolled back to 106 version and it working again
    just have to kill operas autoupdate and stick with that version

  • Allowed it to update
    For testing purposes

    0_1546634971447_Opera Snapshot_2019-01-04_204751_update.png

    it sticks at 90 loading
    portable 106 version goes past and runs it


    I know chrome has a hard on for flash for some reason
    but if chrome deprecates flash
    I will just deprecate opera simple

    so much flash content out there and i wanna choose if i see it or not am i being unreasonable ?

  • Adobe itself is deprecating Flash too. Plugins are no longer needed in modern web.

  • @leocg Yet I need them
    and maybe others too though i cant speak for anyone but me

  • @ceedee said in Does this site work for anyone or is it just me it doesnt ?:

    @leocg Yet I need them and maybe others too though i cant speak for anyone but me

    You will nevertheless experience a decreasing array of Flash-compatible browser options over the next 6 to 23 months. After that, your Flash options become thin indeed.

    By mid-2019, IE and Edge will both have Flash disabled by default (though still able to be manually re-enabled via the settings); by mid-2020, Flash will be non-existent in both browsers. By mid-2019, Chrome (and the chromium clones) will behave exactly the same way. By early 2020, the Firefox Flash plug-in will disappear as a default, though Flash will be accessible from the settings; by the end of 2020, Flash will be non-existent in Firefox. By the end of 2020, your best bet for a Flash-compatible browser will likely only be one of a few Webkit-based clones that retain Flash for however long thereafter. These deprecation schedules are already in place and unfolding, even as we write. ( )

    Once Flash goes unsupported by Adobe at the end of 2020, no further security updates will occur, period. (This, in a software program that has historically been one of the most security-flawed entities ever released.) When chromium and Microsoft finally, fully deprecate Flash on or before the end of 2020, over 95% of the browser marketplace will be unable to render Flash content. That largely guarantees that any site relying on Flash will either find an alternative to Flash or will soon evaporate. Already, only 5% of all websites employ Flash, down from over 28% in 2011 ( ).

  • @ceedee said in Does this site work for anyone or is it just me it doesnt ?:

    it sticks at 90 loading
    portable 106 version goes past and runs it

    That's weird. There's nothing in the changelog for 57.0.3098.110 that should affect any of this. I also can't reproduce the issue with 110. It works the same as 106 for me. I'd guess that some extension or Opera Sync or Opera's adblocker or
    Opera Turbo or Opera VPEN, or a corrupted profile or something outside Opera is causing issues when Opera updates.

    I can see Flash is still loading for you in 110, so it's not that at least. It seems to be an issue with resource fetching.

    Did you try a fresh, portable install of 110?

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