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Cmd+W closes the window instead of the tab.

  • Hi all, just had this issue for the first time, after my solution it didn't seem to stick around. I don't know if it happened for all the tabs, but it only happened to me with the first (left most) tab.
    CMD+W or closing the tab with the mouse both closed the window instead of that tab, so I had to use my tab manager (in my case Tabs Outliner) to close it. After that the issue seems to have stopped.

    MacOS Mojave 10.14

  • I received an update yesterday


    So far the issue seems to be gone, I'll wait for another couple days and update here. Last time the issue came back after 5 days of no problems.

    Thank you

  • The issue is worse in the last update (56.0.3051.104)…

  • It was all good until today, it just came back. Last time it took 5 days to come back, now 4 days, still an improvement though 😜

  • 56.0.3051.104 on 10.13.6/High Sierra and it's still happening.
    I've been back on Opera for about a month after many years absence, and this one bug is becoming a bit of a show stopper to an otherwise excellent piece of software.
    As others have said, Cmd + Shift + T to reopen tabs, or once opened, close Opera completely/properly (Cmd + Q), then reopen and that seems to hold it off for a while.

  • It's a very annoying bug, and I'll switch to other program if not fixed soon

  • Version: 57.0.3098.76
    OS: 10.14

    Still happening. Also I noticed when typing something into address bar and hitting ctrl+enter doesn't complete the domain name but adds a new line to the address bar like a text editor! Opening a separate thread for this issue now.

  • Version : 57.0.3098.76
    OS : 10.14.1

    Still happening too. It has been less frequent in the past weeks but the 4-in-a-row from the last minutes really got my thinking changing my browser. Fixes help but never completely solve the problem...

  • Version: 57.0.3098.102
    OS: 10.14.1

    The bug is still here. Very annoying. No other software on my machine demonstrates this issue so I assume it's an Opera bug.

  • This thing seriously annoying. When it can be fixed?

  • Hi all,

    I'm having headaches with this issue. I didn't customised any shortcut in Opera and from time to time when I use the Command + W shortcut to close a tab the complete Opera Window is closed. Without any error message.

    Other Opera windows are still open so I'm sure I'm not accidentally hitting Command + Q.

    Any clue how to fix this?


  • Known issue.

  • This post is deleted!
  • For now, there is a temporary work aroun: After you've hit Command + W (and the window closes instead of the tab) do the following: Command + N (to open a new window) followed by Command + Shift + T (to re-open the last tab). This will actually open the last window you've closed including all tabs (granted it wasn't an incognito window).

  • Yes I tried that too. Hasn't happened once since I reinstalled Opera yesterday...

  • For me the best workaround for this issue is:

    1. Open again opera
    2. Chooce "History" option from the top
    3. Choose option: reopen last closed window
  • This just happened to me too (and not for the first time either)...

    Opera Stable 57.0.3098.116
    macOS Mojave 10.14.2
    MacBook Pro+Touch Bar (mid-2016)

  • @shintoplasm01

    Presumably this is now being fixed in the Developer version 59 (under DNA-73684). I've asked if this could at least be backported to the upcoming Stable 58...

  • @hub It won't be fixed as cmd+w is a macOS system wide keyboard shortcut to close windows. Looking into it, it seems dumb that Opera would include this as a shortcut to close current tabs, when it is a system wide mac command.. All I can think of is that macOS is over riding it and that Opera should introduce a new shortcut to overcome this. See list of mac shortcuts here:

  • @shintoplasm01 said in Cmd+W closes the window instead of the tab.:


    Presumably this is now being fixed in the Developer version 59 (under DNA-73684). I've asked if this could at least be backported to the upcoming Stable 58...

    It has been backported to O58 stable, let us know if you still see anything like this problem!

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